Macalester College President: Appalled by Rick Santorum

  • Article by: BRIAN ROSENBERG
  • Updated: February 28, 2012 - 9:29 PM
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andrewnormanFeb. 28, 12 8:51 PM

OH NOES! someone who doesn't believe that global warming is settled science!!!! Just imagine if Santorum repealed Cap and Trade, which was clearly one of Obama's priorities....... It just couldn't possibly be true that most colleges including Macalester are teaching liberalism without giving reasonable defense to the other side. I mean look at Brian's article here, he clearly respects opposing viewpoints!!

mgmckeFeb. 28, 12 9:02 PM

Thank you President Rosenburg. In a very short period, 8-12 years, we've gone from tweaking the truth, to out-right lies in politics. It has to stop. In addition, we've gone from questioning scientific research, to questioning science, questioning the return on education to questioning education, and questioning political affiliation to questioning government. All of this in the name of political advantage and electoral victory. Surely, this is the bane if democracy.

otherkindFeb. 28, 12 9:11 PM

The sweater vest should have been the tip off. Santorum is totally out to lunch and reinforces it every time he opens his mouth.

my4centsFeb. 28, 12 9:17 PM

If we look at Santorum's comment in the context of what we normally hear about global warming they make perfect sense. Those who "believe" in man-made climate change have been referring to the rest of us as deniers, anti-science, and much worse. To respond to much of that by simply turning the "anti-science" claim around should hardly rise to the level of threatening the fundamental educational mission, as the president of Macalester asserts. What the president's response does show is the complete lack of openness to ideas and discovery that a college should support.

thirdfrankFeb. 28, 12 9:19 PM

Thank you for your comments. You speak the truth.

gop4darkagesFeb. 28, 12 9:24 PM

Santorum called Obama a "snob" for encouraging people to go college. Once the shock and incredulity has started to wear off, Mr. Rosenberg, you, as well as many thousands of others, should be appalled. You don't need to act semi-apologetic for saying it. Just as it's fair to call a spade a spade, it's fair to call a witless cretin, a witless cretin.

detlakerFeb. 28, 12 9:42 PM

I'm not a Macalester grad and have never been on campus, but, if asked, I will gladly donate to the school based on the leadership demonstrated by its president. To remain silent is to condone Santorum's extremist views.

logtech730Feb. 28, 12 9:43 PM

Perhaps the real problem is that the reason conservative fear higher education is because so few are qualified for it. College requires critical thinking skills, something you don't acquire by watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh.

elmore1Feb. 28, 12 9:49 PM

College folks, ministers, preists, etc ought to keep their political opinions to themselves...

ranger78Feb. 28, 12 9:52 PM

I'm appalled at what passes for education at Macalester.


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