Snow, dozens of crashes snarl morning commute

  • Article by: BILL McAULIFFE and MARY LYNN SMITH , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 29, 2012 - 7:59 AM

Rain pushed the Twin Cities February precipitation total slightly past normal, the first above-normal monthly reading since July.

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bigmarFeb. 28, 1210:49 AM

So much for Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse as the weather people so blatantly claimed over the weekend and through Monday! This appeared to the Mother of ALL storms with blizzard conditions, white outs, people without power and snowed in for days and days. Now it looks like a 1-2 dusting with rain and was simply all hype once again by the local over compensating and drama laden weather teams. Must be nice to be wrong most of the time and yet get paid so well. Any other profession and YOURE FIRED!

philgorngieFeb. 28, 1210:50 AM

This looks like another hype job with little or no snow. Face it -this was a complete non winter. Minnesota is losing it's reputation

metomjr2Feb. 28, 1210:57 AM

Hype hype hype!

FrankLFeb. 28, 1210:58 AM

That's okay, Cub already got the benefit of the panic buying. Yesterday when I drove by one Cub, the parking lot exits were gridlocked.

StarquestFeb. 28, 1211:29 AM

Don't blame the forecasters. They aren't the ones who invented words like "Snowmageddon" and "Snowpocalypse." Those words were invented by a media in which everything is BREAKING NEWS. Sensationalism is the only form of reporting that exists today. The only way to get ratings is to completely over-hype every little thing.

rogerbFeb. 28, 1211:47 AM

"That leaves the list of moisture possibilities ranging from snow to sleet to rain, Douglas said." He left off one other possibility - "None"

bigmarFeb. 28, 1212:09 PM

@ Starquest - Dont you watch the news? They over-hyped this storm big time! From the star of the news they talk about major storm coming up to x amount of feet possible. Then after some not so interesting news they bring on the longest news segment of the half hour...the Weather! Stocked with graphs, charts and colorful maps along with hype of blizzard conditions, high winds, sleet, ice pellets and freezing rain. OK so where is this so called AMAZING strom...oh it went South and North of the TC's AS USUAL!! You can place blame it on the media, I'm not buying it however. It's the forecasters painting the picture of incredible storm fronts and weather anomalies not the media.

deedee12Feb. 28, 1212:12 PM

This is Minnesota, where a snowfall is 3-4-6 inches. This would not of been classified as a blizzard, a Snowmaggeddon or a Snowpocalypse or anything other than a snowfall a few years back.I for one am really sic of the drama...that goes for rain in the summer time, a thunderstorm is a thunderstorm and that is it.It is mother nature as we all have known since birth, please quit the drama and report it as it is just normal Minnesota weather... Had enough of the drama, PLEASE

MSUDTGFeb. 28, 1212:19 PM

I actually heard that we are going to get over 3 feet of snow and we will have 60 MPH winds too.

jenajoyFeb. 28, 1212:22 PM

I really enjoyed the comment regarding the possible snowfall possibly breaking the leap day record. Wow, that's amazing!


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