$2 million grant might not save old Bloomington bridge

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2012 - 9:11 PM

A $2 million grant to rehab the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge is in limbo because Bloomington wants the span taken off its hands.

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ffedericoFeb. 26, 12 9:38 PM

I've seen the bridge. It's nice. It's useless. $2 million might be enough to tear it down. Perhaps that's the wisest thing to do. It's a resource hog. It's in a wildlife refuge. It's within walking distance from the Mall of America, I believe, though I rode my bicycle. The area along the Minnesota River is quite wild, like being out in the country.

getcrazyFeb. 26, 1210:14 PM

Tear it down. You can't fix that think for $2 million. I've seen it up close. The whole thing is rusting right through. It would be cheaper to rebuild it from scratch.

mikio44Feb. 26, 1211:04 PM

@ffederico It's not very near the MOA. It's just south of 98th and Old Cedar Road, maybe three miles from MOA. Without that crossing there is no bike crossing over the river between Mendota and the Old Ferry bridge in far western Bloomington.

heroldFeb. 26, 1211:13 PM

seek private funding from wildlife groups and add it to the $2 million and make a nice skyway-type bicyclist friendly bridge.

xyzzy72Feb. 26, 1211:27 PM

Tear the damn thing down. It's just a piece of junk metal and concrete like so many other places that they're trying to preserve. What a waste of resources and time. In Europe they preserve things that are 500 years old and rightfully so. Here, we preserve things that are 50 years old. How stupid!

CountChoculaFeb. 27, 12 2:21 AM

@xyzzy72 ... ummm ... that comment made no sense. To preserve things that are 500 years old, you also need preserve them at 50. What a great biking bridge this would make.

ffolkesFeb. 27, 12 2:56 AM

We must always move forward...but it would be a shame to lose this piece of our past...put people back to work....RESTORE IT!!!

AdamSeFeb. 27, 12 3:39 AM

Ridiculous. No public money should be spent on this. If some group wants to waste their own money, let them have it. if not, let if rust. Think of all the good that $6 million dollars could do. How many hot lunches for school kids is that? How many textbooks? How many fixed potholes? No need to waste all that cash so a few locals can have an extra nice walking route...

essdee09Feb. 27, 12 5:10 AM

@xyzzy72, how do things get to be 500 years old if no one is willing to fix them at 50 years old? It's not like 500 year old structures don't need maintenance. This bridge has had 20+ years to do nothing but rust. Of course it's in bad shape.

texas_technomanFeb. 27, 12 6:47 AM

Fix it and turn it into a toll bridge to provide the maintenance funding. Toll roads / bridges are the future.....since the US of A can no longer afford to build and maintain it's roads and bridges. Texas brought in a company from Spain (buddies of Rick Perry) who built some freeways and now operates them as toll roads.....not saying that's the right thing to do....but it's the cheap option....outsource.


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