Noise meters are on deck for Lord Fletcher's

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 25, 2012 - 10:01 PM

Spring Park will fine-tune its permit for the popular lakeside spot to keep sound levels in check.

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efrik1Feb. 25, 12 5:18 PM

I suppose it's fair to work with the neighbors and maybe the sound level CAN be turned down. But, they've been doing this for a generation and music stops by 9pm so it's not keeping people up. Can't the neighbors just crack open a beer and enjoy the music? Are we appeasing the few at the detriment of many?

davethedogFeb. 25, 12 6:31 PM

Another reason I would NEVER want to live anywhere near Minnetonka. What with the curly pond leaf, milfoil, and Kris Humphries, that lake is verging on ghetto. I cannot imagine paying MILLIONS for a home and being forced to listen to crappy music 4 nights a week all summer. Gross.

genericloginFeb. 25, 12 7:00 PM

I lived across the water from Fletchers for a long time and enjoyed the music. People who live in the area should know what to expect as this has been going on forever. This reminds me of the dummy who moved in next to the Minnetonka Sportsmans Club and then complained to no end about the noise from the guns. Duhhh!

ppppppppppppFeb. 25, 12 7:02 PM

Tom Emer. Good to see you landed on your feet after Mark Dayton beat you in the election for Gov.

oldpunkFeb. 25, 12 7:30 PM

"Give and take?" In other words, sound ordinances will not be enforced. They are just trying to determine how much above the ordinance the neighbors should suffer.

manoflogicFeb. 25, 12 7:42 PM

We have become a society that expects others to tolerate our noise...without realizing that noise is as much of a pollution as trash. noise doesnt stop at a property line and there is no reason other people should have to listen to yours, mine, anyone elses noise.

jhbensenFeb. 25, 12 8:42 PM

Why not put decibel meters on some of the boats on the lake, too. Aren't they as noisy as the music.

treddleFeb. 25, 12 8:48 PM

This noise issue is no different than the MSP airport noise issue over Standish-Erickson. The only difference I can tell from the sotory about the Fletcher issue is that the airplane noise can cause permanent physical damage to hearing structures in humans (and other animals too), where the Fletcher noise issue (as it relates to the neighbors) is merely a nuisance.

jaynedrakeFeb. 25, 1210:20 PM

Oh, those poor, poor neighbors! One question: Has anyone gone to those houses to listen to the noise coming from the restaurant or do officials just take the words of house owners. Actually, guess you will have to stop the music, and stop all music on boats cruising and roll up your car windows when you listen to music. So, get with the program!

kirby5Feb. 26, 12 6:56 AM

6-9p.m. & 3-7 p.m. seem like pretty reasonable times. It is hard to compare it to airplane noise, unless you hate any kind of music. If the music draws more people, it is worth it for the economic value it brings to the area and summer employment for college students.


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