Coyotes in your yard? Haze away!

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 25, 2012 - 9:45 AM

Yell, wave arms and chase them, Edina residents told.

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Thumper5316Feb. 24, 1211:06 PM

I live in the south metro area near lake nokomis/minnehaha creek. I see wild life go by on a regular basis. No big surprise to me.

dvsdan123Feb. 24, 1211:18 PM

Hazing Coyotes, what a B as in B and S as in S story. It will only make them shy away temporarily and they will be right back as soon as the human is gone. Next time they will be more careful, but they will still get your cat or little dog if they are out. Coyotes are wiley and smart. They have survived in the suburbs because they can adapt.

marrmanFeb. 24, 1211:30 PM

Yell, wave arms and chase them, Ya right that will work, when they come after your prized cat or your prized dog, One that may have cost you thousands. Just remember the Coyotes need to eat too. so make sure you wave your arms as a pack of Coyotes rip your pet into a shredded pile of bloody fur. But I like the old fashion way, how about shoot them, trap them, and eliminate them! Sometimes all we need to do, Is look back to the past, This is the reason we have cities is to protect our pets, animals,and most important our children. What will the cities officials say when one attacks a toddler. your a bad parent? didn't you yell? didn't you wave? Yes I can say as I feel but the Star and Tribune will censor. I dare you not to CENSOR!

sutpenFeb. 24, 1211:31 PM

The article states: "Hazing is the only thing that has long-range results for coyote management." That is preposterous. As the grandson of a major-league sheepherder, I can tell you that bullets, poison bait, and bounties are the only things that have long-range results for coyote management. It's unfortunate, but it's the way it is.

monkeyfurbalFeb. 24, 1211:33 PM

HAZE? LOL. That only chases them into somebody else's yard. Stupid.

nw5746Feb. 24, 1211:38 PM

Release a few roadrunners and invest in some fine ACME products - that should keep them busy so they aren't bothering their neighbors.

larbo1Feb. 24, 1211:39 PM

If they hung around my backyard, I'd get a good paintball gun and have some fun taking target practice.

gophersfan89Feb. 24, 1211:40 PM

How about trapping them and moving them? I don't think eradicating them is the right answer. I love my pets as much as anyone else, but I wouldn't let my cat run around outside or a small dog run around without supervising it.

bellczarFeb. 24, 1211:56 PM

Minnesota has a tough anti-hazing law. We were lectured about it at the U. I hope this program doesn't run afoul of it.

SammyBoyFeb. 25, 1212:06 AM

The point is that all the bullets in the world won't remove the coyotes that live among us. One hundred years ago when it was farmland and they were being chased and killed by wolves, it was a different story. But just like pigeons, gray squirrels, and deer, coyotes take too easily to the nooks and crannies offered by your average suburban neighborhood. It's a fact of life. Poison will kill just as many neighborhood dogs and cats as coyotes, sharp-shooting puts people and property at risk if you want to actual do more than nibble at the margins, and trapping (both leg and live) is just as likely to catch an idiot kid wandering where they shouldn't as it would a coyote. Deal with it, people, as they are as likely to go away as the local Packer fan.


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