North Loop project would add retail, 106 apartments

  • Article by: JIM BUCHTA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 24, 2012 - 7:31 AM
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mnmonkeyboyFeb. 24, 1212:45 AM

Apparently the reports of the death of Minneapolis were premature. . . I don't see big projects like this being built in the suburbs

DufferHFeb. 24, 12 1:18 AM

I laugh every time I hear this area referred to as the North Loop. There is no loop. Developers can dream and talk all they want, but the Loop belongs to Chicago.

Cory089Feb. 24, 12 8:17 AM

[Cue misinformed comments about drinking fountains and crime.] I'm really glad to see these new developments coming in. More and more professionals are realizing that life in the city is the way to go. Now if they just put a decent school downtown so our family (and the many families living in the same building as us) can stay.

ohnowtfFeb. 24, 1210:29 AM

This is one of the better looking in-fill projects being proposed. Get it built!

justapertonFeb. 24, 1211:37 AM

Very happy to have the infill, and to stick it to the suburbs. But the rates have me humming "gentrification"...

mrblueskyFeb. 24, 1211:48 AM

Some affordable housing would be nice. Two bucks a square foot! They must be real nice places. Wouldnt help me though, couldnt afford 2k a month for RENT. Glad to see Minneapolis getting nicer though.

mouthwashFeb. 24, 1212:03 PM

Of course, those new apartments will probably cost, like, $2000 per month for an efficiency.

getoutofhereFeb. 24, 1212:15 PM

@justaperton---Check the prices of the condos and townhouses that people have purchased in the North Loop in the past fifteen years. That's reality. The price range is $150,000-$1,500,000. That's for 800sqf-3,000sqf. Less expensive apartments will bring all of the home values down at a time when owners have already seen significant drops in prices on re-sale. That would be completely unacceptable. And Mr. Lund---There aren't many of the Earth Shoe crowd living in the North Loop/Warehouse District anymore (or bike messengers.) A bike shop is OK, but we aren't "alley-catting" here. We want to shop for French perfume, girly-girl shoes and fluffy pillows in pretty colors. And, we want to wear our girly-girl shoes to the store to shop---Not gear up as though we are going to be hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.

rwalker65Feb. 24, 12 4:30 PM

Thanks Opus for the well need construction jobs..The best contractor in the Twin Cities

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