Redrawn maps shake up Minnesota's political landscape

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER and KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 22, 2012 - 5:35 AM

Bachmann vows to run in new district; 46 legislative incumbents could face off.

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montrachet61Feb. 21, 1211:06 PM

Big surprise, court appointed committee favors the DEMs or, how the majority got screwed. LOL

maddyinmplsFeb. 21, 1211:35 PM

The Marty / McGuire pairing is hilarious. Neither has made much of a dime outside of government -- or what their parents have subsidized. In a nutshell, exactly what's wrong with the Legislature. People who get elected who have no idea how the world works for people who have to make it on their own.

treckerFeb. 22, 1212:32 AM

Is anyone surprised that Bachmann will be running in the 6th district, even though she'll no longer be living there? She's been claiming to represent Minnesota too, even while she's been missing votes, and making sure she's on the talk show circuit, pushing her religious agenda, over her responsibilities to represent her constitutes. It's a shame that she can run in any district she chooses. She knows full well, that only in the 6th district, will she have any chance of re-election. If the voters there are foolish enough to send her back to congress, after her abandonment of them the past two years, and her non existent record for getting anything actually done for the 6th, then they deserve the representation they'll get, and that will be once again, none. Bachmann's personal agenda of getting media attention, rather than giving real representation, will make her as useless to the 6th, as she always has been.

sbuzz16Feb. 22, 12 1:10 AM

Now that Betty McCollum represents the Stillwater area where Michele Bachmann currently lives. Instead of moving into the new reconfigured 6th district, why not just move to the state Michele loves best, Iowa, and represent the 6th from there? She's usually never around anyways.

unionsrockFeb. 22, 12 5:30 AM

The maps were made by judges who were appointed by he MN Supreme Court. I see no bias, is there supposed to be?

mohawk1953Feb. 22, 12 6:24 AM

You don't have to live in the district you represent. What kind of rule or lack of rule is that??

beveryafraidFeb. 22, 12 7:15 AM

montrachet61, nice to see the conspiracy theories have already started. Give it up. This time the redistricting favors Democrats. In other times it has has favored the GOP. Don't make it into something it's not.

And, like Mrs. Bachmann, you have the option of simply moving into another district if you're unhappy. Consider it.

montrachet61Feb. 22, 12 7:17 AM

Is anyone surprised that the panel bent themselves like a prezel to put Michelle just barely outside her longterm district? This is a clear conspiracy to undo what DEMs can't get done at the ballot box.

KermitthefrogFeb. 22, 12 7:17 AM

Oh... poor Michele. She's being redistricted into obscurity. Buh bye Michele!

montrachet61Feb. 22, 12 7:21 AM

So is everyone still beating on Bachmann for campaigning for Pres here cool with the fact that Obama spent zero time doing anything in his senate seat while he ran for Pres? If you run for natl office you spend a ton of time campaigning. Both parties do it. Hipocrites!


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