Afghan vet Pete Hegseth will run against Amy Klobuchar

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 21, 2012 - 9:25 PM

"Never been afraid of long odds," says first-time candidate, about taking on Klobuchar.

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tma1969Feb. 21, 12 3:00 PM

Pete, get your website up and running so you can start collecting donations. Amy's time is up. She is has been part of the problem in DC with the do nothing Senate under the Dem control and leadership for the past 6 years. We need a real leader from MN.

ClausenFeb. 21, 12 3:12 PM

If Mr. Hegseth wants to end our invasion and occupation of other counties for the nebulous reasons of nation building, I'm all for him. Since he was/is a G.W Bush supporter, I rather doubt he's for ending wars.

AirForceGuyFeb. 21, 12 3:51 PM

Good luck dude. That's all I gotta say. You'll definitely need it. She's worked pretty hard for the state and has the results to prove it.

dwight47Feb. 21, 12 3:53 PM

Pete, there are lots of us here in Minnesota who don't buy the hype of the centralist voting record of Amy.. I will challange anyone to compare her record to Al Franken and you will see it is identical...this is whats important, not the gargage the red-star trys to sell us.. I look forward to helping your campaign.. Dwight Simpson- Burnsville...

sgjsdadFeb. 21, 12 3:55 PM

tma1969, Mr. Hegseth sounds like a good guy and I very much appreciate his service to the country. That said Sen. Amy ain't goin' anywhere my friend. There is a very good reason why big name Repubs in the state aren't running against her this year and Mr. Hegseth will find that reason out soon enough.

mnturnredFeb. 21, 12 4:00 PM

Go Pete! Klobuchar a "moderate" Democrat? Only in the world of the Star & Sickle. This country desperately needs fiscal responsibility and free markets restored - Amy's voting record does NOT demonstrate that.

dentesterFeb. 21, 12 4:03 PM

"she has positioned herself as a moderate who tackles Minnesota-centric consumer issues rather than broad ideological battles." Unless you consider being a champion of the Nanny State ideological. Amy never saw a situation in life that didn't deserve it's own federal law.

rhoadsFeb. 21, 12 4:08 PM

Senator Klobuchar has broad support, but it is not deep support. Once her record is put in full view of the electorate her support will diminish significantly. Senator Amy has been nothing but a rubber stamp for Obama's massive spending spree the past 3+ years, and together they are taking this great country off a financial cliff. Obama's record is her record. And she can't run from that.

luzhishenFeb. 21, 12 4:26 PM

If the Center likes him you can be sure he's a warmonger. Just what we don't need.

mike2636Feb. 21, 12 4:31 PM

She has the results to prove it? huh? Amy has built a career supporting only causes no one in their right mind would ever be against. Safe food, safe toys, safe medication.....all lightweight stuff that is completely uncontroversial. We need someone not afraid to get his hands dirty and lead. Not someone looking for a smiling photo-op. This country has a lot of heavy lifting to do and Amy has demonstrated she either is interested or isn't capable of working on anything that might actually face opposition. Good luck Pete! We all need you.


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