Bachmann, in St. Paul, urges Medicaid audit

  • Article by: JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 20, 2012 - 11:26 PM

The state is under investigation for mishandling funds.

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solanalesFeb. 20, 12 9:33 PM

So Michelle didn't have time to invite a single Democrat to her press conference? Instead, she used this important issue to take unjustified and inappropriate swipes at the Obama administration. I hope that after November we can bid Michelle and her jibberish farewell and elect a serious Representative to Congress.

rjr2205Feb. 20, 1210:38 PM

Last year Gov Dayton spoke to this very issue of the accumulation massive reserves of the insurance company/HMOs and said the matter needed to be investigated. Throughout the past year I have not heard the GOP lead legislature address the matter as they were busy with important matters like gay marriage, voter ID, etc. About 10 years ago Gov TPaw initiated the program whereby hundreds of millions of tax dollars would be paid to private insurance companies to buy health care coverage for needy Minnesotans. TPaw and his administration would not consider/allow, without tremendous resistance, less expensive alternatives e.g. "county based purchasing" models which operated with about one half the administrative costs of the insurance companies. Despite evidence (fiscal, medical, etc) based on a number of multi county operations(insurance) over several years the GOP/TPaw mindset was that the private sector/enterprises could do it better, cheaper, more efficiently, etc. Today they have massive reserves built by tax monies. Go figure!!

USweet1UFeb. 20, 1210:57 PM

'she was concerned about reports of "massive reserves" that have been accumulated by the four HMOs' -- Wasn't she concerned a while back about vaccinations causing retardation? This issue lacks credibility precisely due to Michelle's endorsement. How about an inkling of fact before calling a news conference and shooting off your mouth?

elmore1Feb. 21, 12 6:46 AM

This isn't a DFL or GOP issue. If the states Medicaid books have never been audited, that is mis management plain and simple. Even the smallest organizations audit their books every couple of years.

mred58Feb. 21, 12 8:18 AM

now she wants to check on miss spending,its the goverment theres going to be miss spending, she just wants to look good so she can win her seat again so she can collect her goverment checks.

mushroommanFeb. 21, 12 8:22 AM

Obama promised to address Medicaid and Medicare fraud to help pay for his socialized medicine program if it was passed. Most of us asked why he wouldn't address the fraud issue regardless of whether ObamaCare passed. He has done nothing. Obama is a puppet on the strings of Soro's and the unions and has been entirely ineffective as a leader.

domino06Feb. 21, 12 8:32 AM

How is this different than the regulations she's steadfastly against?

siouxchampFeb. 21, 12 9:01 AM

Come this Nov. this lady BETTER not be in the House anymore. That way, she can complain all she wants about Obama, without getting paid tax payers money for it.

jackpinesavFeb. 21, 12 9:04 AM

Minnesota already has an excellent legislative auditor, nationally recognized. Pawlenty created this mess, Dayton has acknowledged it; so why the private partisan news conference during an election year? Hmmmmm.

buttlesFeb. 21, 12 9:27 AM

If she was really worried about fraud she'd be demanding audits of defense contractors.


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