Race clouds battle over photo IDs for Minn. voters

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 20, 2012 - 8:46 PM

Both sides accuse one another of unfairness in playing the race card. Photo ID is fast becoming the legislative 2012's flash-point issue.

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winddanceFeb. 20, 12 8:58 PM

Conservatives are always pushing things like this because they do not believe in Democracy. They think requirement like this will restrict the number of people who can vote. And, the fewer people that vote the better chance Conservatives have of retaining power. To judge the worthiness of these types of bills, one needs to ask him or herself: "Do I believe in Democracy, or do I want the rich and the elite to control this country?"

joerunner89Feb. 20, 12 9:25 PM

To judge the worthiness of these types of bills, one needs to ask him or herself: "Do I believe in Democracy, or do I want the rich and the elite to control this country?"------------------The rich and elite control the country no matter which party you vote for. I don't think Pelosi, Reid, or any other democrat is congress is hurting for cash. I do believe in democracy though. One person one vote. That's what I beleive in.. Evidently, the left believes that people need to be able to vote more than once.

flashpanhuntFeb. 20, 12 9:44 PM

Appealing for new voters is a nonstarter as far as the GOP is concerned. So now the plan is to try to augment their lagging voter recruiting by acting to deprive the opposition of votes with garbage legislation like this. Plus, it gives their current base a chance to strut their "I'm so afraid!" cred and demand that others be leaned on by the state to assuage their baseless, imaginary, and propagandized fears. Personally? I think the MN GOP blew it running with this blatant fear mongering play this season. Summer is not going to be kind to this, the people will get out and talk amongst each other, and it will become common knowledge that the GOP is playing us (ALL Minnesota voters) for rubes. Somehow, I expected better from the party I grew up with. I look forward to summer.

lawstarFeb. 20, 1210:27 PM

Nothing to be afraid of. The arguments pro and con have been made repeatedly. Let;s vote on the amendment and let the people speak, the sooner the better.

ganniecaFeb. 20, 1211:12 PM

how horrible the corporate sponsored MN Majority wants to waste our time and money on such a fake issue. There has not been voter fraud, and the MN Majority as once again embarrassed our state. MN Majority is just an off shoot of A.L.E.C.. We really don't need Corporations deciding MN issues or bills, or in this case amendments.

ganniecaFeb. 20, 1211:21 PM

Are there any members of MN Majority that aren't members of A.L.E.C. ? They can't even seem to be original in their issues.

flashpanhuntFeb. 20, 1211:25 PM

The sooner the better? HA! There's almost 300 days left before the election. I have not yet begun to educate my fellow citizens on this matter. Bask in your divisive and misleading glory now, fear mongers. Believe it or not, these are the salad days for your stand on this deceit laden issue. It's all downhill from here. You only wish you could suspend discussion with "the arguments pro and con have been made repeatedly". By the time I throw my 4th of July bash, I'll have a 2 minute rap on this that'll bat .750 for talking folks into either voting "no" for this issue, or at least not voting on it at all when they fill out their ballots. State constitutional amendments need to come in over 50% of ALL BALLOTS CAST, not just votes on the proposed amendment. That means a "no vote" is almost as good as a "no" vote. It's on. The sad part is that the amendment issue is going to drag GOP candidates down who have better political sense than this, but got caught up in their party's wave of clamoring authoritarian lunacy.

usa1stvinceFeb. 21, 1212:02 AM

Minnesotans have been for many years been relying on the honor system at polling places, and our elections have sorely lacked integrity! It’s an absolute fact that the State of Minnesota has NO way to confirm the identities of many thousands of its voters, including “vouched for” voters and those who have only a utility bill to prove residency. In fact, Minnesota Sen. Warren Limmer said last year that 23,000 Election Day registration postcards were “returned to sender” in 2008, a year when Democrat Al Franken somehow overcame Norm Coleman’s Election Night lead and won Minnesota’s US Senate Seat by just 312 votes. Don’t ask us to continue to settle for election results that can’t be verified! The people we elect make decisions that profoundly affect all of us every day and the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled already that Indiana’s Photo ID requirement is constitutional. Democrats, fighting desperately to maintain the current system that enables massive fraud, won’t tell you that any proposed Minnesota Photo ID ballot question will ensure that everyone CAN vote on election day, but only once. Those without proper ID would vote provisionally, their ballots to be counted (if an election is close) when their ID is verified. Integrity and Fairness problems BOTH solved!

jarlmnFeb. 21, 1212:03 AM

Oh please, the Left *started* this whole race thing when they, by a heavy stretch of historical extrapolation, sought to portray this as the equivalent of Jim Crow era poll taxes. What balderdash! That the Left supposes that the black citizenry they are *supposedly* championing is somehow too lethargic, enfeebled, illiterate, dumb or whatever, to be able to avail themselves of suitable ID, is preposterous. It is also telling. The Left's paternalism has "kept down" our black citizenry far better than any Jim Crow law, or even the KKK itself, could ever devise. Oddly, the Left is always ever-so ready to help register this same population to vote ... even to bus them to the polls ... Yet, now can't seem to be bothered to assist in helping people get useful ID. Odd, I say... odd.

commoncent4Feb. 21, 1212:39 AM

When liberals play the race card, they've admitted they can't win the argument.


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