Tentative stadium deal for U, Vikings

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune Staff Writers
  • Updated: February 20, 2012 - 10:59 PM

It would give team a place to play during construction. Also, Minneapolis says Target Center improvements still on table.

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killerclownFeb. 20, 12 8:48 PM

How come the polichickens are allowing the use of a hospitality tax in that dump of a city Minneapolis, but won't allow Ramsey County to use a hospitality tax for the Arden Hills site which is far superior to any site in Minneapolis?

mnpls1234Feb. 20, 12 9:11 PM

Much better choice than literally building in the dump of Ardien Hills or whatever that place is called. I bet 99% of the metro can't find it on a map. No hospitality tax for them as st. Paul isn't on board. Without the St Paul the Ardien dump deal is dead.

viktorvaughnFeb. 20, 12 9:26 PM

Arden Hills was ruled out because the legislature refused to allow Ramsey County to raise their sales tax without a referendum. In Minneapolis, they are trying to pretend this stadium can be built without raising taxes. The hospitality taxes won't be available until 2020 and at that point they could expire or be used for another purpose. Unless we give that money to the current owners of the Vikings, then neither one is an option. So the Minneapolis plan does require raising taxes. And it requires a legislative override of a city charter amendment prohibiting giving more than $10M of charity to a professional sports facility without a voter referendum. I'm sure the out-state Republican no-new-taxes legislators sponsoring the stadium bill don't mind raising taxes on us city folk, but most of us remember them shutting down state government last summer over their "not a penny more" dogma. So why are they ok with raising taxes to give the money to Wilf?

tranquil17Feb. 20, 12 9:49 PM

Arden Hills would be a great place for a football gameday experience (including tailgating, family activities) for an average of 11 or so football games a year (including regular season, pre-season, and playoffs). Minneapolis would be great for these things too, a close call compared to Arden Hills. But how about the other 354 days of the year? It's not even close. Minneapolis is a far better place for the other 354 days of the year, including a better location for every other imaginable event -- concerts, Super Bowl, March Madness/Final Four, and every other kind of major entertainment event. And this is why the stadium really has to go in Minneapolis.

indfserfdwdFeb. 20, 12 9:49 PM

i see the cart is still coming before the horse in these "negotiations".....

USweet1UFeb. 20, 12 9:53 PM

All this shows is that there really is no plan. Hasn't Mondale been dedicated to pulling something together for over a year now? Yet it looks like we will be "shotgunning it" for months to come. Just gives the legislature more ammunition for a dome replacement bill to be DOA. Those of us who were on the fence are falling off, and all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put this back together again.

union601Feb. 20, 12 9:54 PM

I'm pleased as can be that the Vikings and the U of M have reached this agreement. It's just one more nail in the coffin of that ill-conceived, wholly misguided nonsense that was (and I do mean "WAS", thankfully) Arden Hills. The stadium should without question be built in downtown Minneapolis; common sense dictates it.

reidFeb. 20, 1210:09 PM

They won't say how much the U would get per game, but the U is a public entity and there is no secrecy policy that would stand up in court. So, FOIA will come into play to see what the deal is. And the cart is indeed way ahead of the horse here, or is it jackass? Once the purpose of the tax has been achieved, doesn't it automatically expire and any further use of the imposed tax upon the city area require another vote or legal action by the municipal body to have it go forward again? These guys have a monopoly on the smoke machine to make the whole thing seem possible. I'm betting the average resident is much smarter than this and will insist their representatives vote this one down.

BallFourFeb. 20, 1211:00 PM

OK. TCF belongs to the state of Minnesota, as it's part of a land-grant institution developed by the state, so let's hold the NFL hostage, charge them $2 million a game and then use the money to pay part of the taxpayer portion of the the cost of yet another stadium for the Vikings. The NFL can afford to build all its own stadiums, so they can easily afford this.

steavis61067Feb. 20, 1211:06 PM

I hope none of you think this is a republican or democrat deal. It's bi-partisan. Look at the facts, both for blame or credit.


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