Jim Souhan: Clueless Joe not cutting it any more

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 19, 2012 - 3:25 PM

It's past time for Joe Mauer to quit avoiding the burden of leadership.

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sportcity444Feb. 18, 12 9:00 PM

This year he'll have to. Sometimes you have to be put in that type of situation to figure it out. There's no Cuddy to take the heat (Thank goodness) and Morneau's become a charity case. This has to be Joe's team. Let's see if he can cut the mustard as a leader.

bellamn16Feb. 18, 12 9:10 PM

Thank you! I've been saying this for years! I even ran into Tim Laudner at one point last year and said basically the same thing: if Mauer isn't playing at his 100% top level, he is uselses because he brings no leadership. With Cuddy gone, I don't know where that clubhouse leadership is going to come from...I doubt it will be from Joe.

paul44Feb. 18, 12 9:36 PM

Look at Mauer's statements this off season and in the last couple days - he gets it. He has seen his failings of the past. He may not be the flamboyent "superstar" we want or expect him to be, but a .330 batting average and a .400+ on base percentage will force us all to realize that sport stars are not pre-package and may not be what want them to be. But excellence on the field is all that matters. Ted Williams shut all up with every swing of the bat. Mauer has that opportunity this year. Go Mauer and Go Twins.

sonofkenny1Feb. 18, 12 9:42 PM

He didn't alienate me! I'm not some child who can't understand and appreciate plain language. I don't think just because he didn't react like the media wanted him too that he was somehow faking. He said he was injured, the team said he was injured, I didn't need any more than that. He has shown through the years what a hard worker he is. Just cause he didn't whine, wail, gnash his teeth and cry for the media every day about it doesn't mean I didn't believe him. He has done too much good for the Twins, for too long to justify the ridiculous media reaction to his injuries.

Dantes929Feb. 18, 12 9:56 PM

sonofkenny1, Spot on. The unrealistic ones are the ones that thought he would be MVP and batting champion 8 years in a row. Every player is entitled to a career worst year. People wanted him on the field to show he can gut it out and play through injury. When he did that he just didn't have it. I don't care if I see the injured Mauer that plays through injuries and can still hit .287. I want to see the Mauer who is capable of hitting .365 or beyond. He will have a good 2012

highaboveFeb. 18, 12 9:59 PM

It would be nice if Jim Souhan held the Twins Organization as accountable as he does with its players.

BCanniffFeb. 18, 1210:02 PM

I guess he must have snubbed you Soo. Mauer has always been a classy guy and has conducted himself as a role model. He was simply injured and didn't want to upstage all the kids who playing and losing.

regionguyFeb. 18, 1210:10 PM

A big AMEN to Souhan's column. I would disagree with him about how Mauer would be viewed in another walk of life, though: he would be viewed as an immensely talented guy who is getting paid a ton and will pull the department/business under if doesn't produce commensurately. I believe Mauer had significant injury and illness problems last year, but I think he handled them poorly and needs to have a major comeback year. Doesn't necessarily have to play every game and go .330/30/100, but has to be more than respectable.

martiankingFeb. 18, 1210:21 PM

From what I have heard lately, is that Mauer is making himself more available for interviews. Whether that keeps up after his next injury and the questions that will surround his durability is another thing. Mauer appears to go into a shell and isolates himself from everyone else, team and reporters, so that will naturally make people wonder about his problems and his intestinal fortitude. Let's hope he learned his lesson from last season and opens up.

Loon03Feb. 18, 1210:32 PM

He plays well and hits well or he does not. He does not need to suck up to the media if he plays well, it will not save the team if he does not play well and gives great interviews. It is not the sizzle, it is the steak.


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