State to audit six autism centers over billing

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 17, 2012 - 10:28 PM

The state wants to investigate the huge gap in Medicaid charges. Human Services agency can't explain the wide gap in reimbursement rates.

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allhailfsmFeb. 17, 1211:17 PM

This illustrates the main problem with outsourcing to private companies. The companies interest is in billing, and earning lots of payments from the state. That means they need to find more patients, and treat them longer, more extensively and more expensively.

There may be some waste when service is provided by the government, but there is no incentive for vast expansion of the services provided. This is the main flaw with "privatized" services.

waterdogzFeb. 18, 12 7:10 AM

allhailfsm - your comment makes some sense, but what is the alternative for health and human services? Every doctor and service provider works for the government?

mixie7Feb. 18, 12 7:19 AM

I don't understand the articles last quote, "I will suddenly be very busy suing school districts." Why would the school districts be responsible for rehabilitating people at this level?

anna1899Feb. 18, 12 7:57 AM

I have personally witnessed people giving away farms in a planned manner to qualify for Nursing home care which can cost as much. I have seen known druggies sick from their habit go into a drug store and pick up a single dose of a med that costs a couple of grand a week and pay the $2 copay for Medicaid. But who are we investigating? The services for Autistic whose caretakers are overburdened and left to their own devices in outstate regions. As a grandparent I am living the last caring for a grandchild. In my area I am unable to even get this help without traveling to Rochester, Minneapolis, or some great distance. The last comment I totally agree with; our school district gave up on my grandson before they got started.

furguson11Feb. 18, 12 7:58 AM

There will be more of this as we continue to examine Medicare and Medicaid costs. We'd save a lot of money by beefing up oversight.

sundialFeb. 18, 12 8:06 AM

The audit should look at outcomes. The key question is whether there is independent research to justify the intensity of the service. There are clear examples of children mainstreamed in school with their typical peers as a result of intensive early intervention. For a compelling case example Google Joe Mohs and click on his website and watch the video.

jackpinesavFeb. 18, 12 8:07 AM

Mixie: special ed costs for these children. Families donot operate in a vacuum.

autism2011Feb. 18, 12 8:31 AM

To someone who does not have a child/Adult with Autism, Are you aware of how much it is for 45 minutes of OT, PT, Speech? Health Insurance only pays 2 times a week. I tried it with my child for a year in a half did not work. Autism kids are not waste, I can only speak for Lovaas and this program works. It is not daycare, pca services, it is working on programs so children can go into normal school and not have to have 18 years of special ed followed by more state services for people to live in Group homes, SSI, ETC. If someone wants to know more about what Lovaas is doing why don't you go see the families who have kids in Lovaas. These families are suffering right now, not becuase of the state Audit because these kids need programs like Lovaas to be available and stay for children with Autism. People who don't know what even ABA is maybe get in touch with families who deal with Autism day in and day out. 1 out 150 kids have Autism there are plenty of people to ask in this state of MN.

bobbyeffFeb. 18, 12 8:40 AM

State law clearly prohibits the state from paying for ABA services as they have been deemed experimental. That change was put in place by Linda Berglin, a DFLer. The people at DHS have been knowingly flouting the state law and allowing these centers to bill for the services under a different name to get round the law.

rgkramerFeb. 18, 12 9:07 AM

I think this is good, if they have nothing to hide and everything is being done right no worry. Just check on the Medicare web site and see how manny billions have been recovered because people and companies are overbilling the program. Time to get it right.


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