Agreement on Vikings stadium near Metrodome imminent

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE, MIKE KASZUBA and JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 17, 2012 - 6:37 AM

Accord still would need OK of Legislature, Minneapolis council.

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sstitanFeb. 16, 1210:28 PM

And will there be tailgating on this cramped site? I think not. So forget it. Vikings: get it done in Arden Hills, or get moving to Los Angeles!! Minnesota Legislature: since when is it in your authority to dictate where such a project be built???

martiankingFeb. 16, 1210:42 PM

So what if the other tribes would not be happy with this. This is a separate deal between one tribe and the state, so I see no legal basis for another tribe to try and stop this. Do it.

clelFeb. 16, 1210:46 PM

People don't need silly tailgating. It's Mpls. or nothing. Sorry Arden Hills, your dump ground stays a dump ground.

drudgemonkeyFeb. 16, 1210:51 PM

Good luck on this plan (sarcasm font)...maybe the next option is Anoka County (again)..after Minneapolis City Council vetoes.

rshacklefordFeb. 16, 1211:02 PM

"Rep. Morrie Lanning, chief House author of stadium legislation, agreed the Minneapolis City Council still holds the key to the project. "No one should think that, all of a sudden, it's a done deal, because it's not," he said." ---- Us taxpayers have heard that one before! No tax money for this unnecessary building. Now, please start tackling more important issues that our state, and not some guy from New Jersey, is facing.

elmore1Feb. 16, 1211:10 PM

What is the obsession with Mpls? Every major attempt at govt (city and state) funded development in Mpls is a disappointment (Riverplace, Block E, Target Center, Dome,). Today we find that the Convention Center is heavily subsidized. I am all for creating jobs but let's put infrastructure investment into well thought out places where they might succeed. I don't see significant development around the Dome site today after all of these years, why build it across the street?

mcgibbonsFeb. 16, 1211:41 PM

re: sstitanFeb. 16, 1210:28 PM And will there be tailgating on this cramped site? I think not. So forget it. Vikings: get it done in Arden Hills,... It's been over for Arden Hills for months.

BarryBenFeb. 16, 1211:41 PM

NOWWWWW, 'Ya know that this spot of Earth has been here since the beginning of time....It's taken this long to discover that it's appropriate for an Over-Priced Stadium..... What a bunch of Buffoons......

CountChoculaFeb. 16, 1211:57 PM

A few problems with this latest scheme: It's even further from the heart of downtown than the Dome is -- which doesn't make it a better fan experience or bode well for neighborhood development. This vague idea of a "plaza" reeks of plans from the '60s and '70s that were promising on paper, but turned out as desolate, windswept gathering spots for the homeless. I'd rather see more density downtown. This location would block existing surface streets and is practially dangling over I-35W. Strange location. Really strange. I think this site is being selected for a single, shorted-sighted reason -- namely, so the Vikings don't have to play at TCF for a couple of years. Is that really a sound basis for picking a permanent site for an NFL team? Put it on the Dome site instead. No destruction of buildings or physical plant, no infrastructure issues, and directly adjacent to light rail. As for playing at TCF for a few years, who cares? Fans will love it. Zygi will just have to deal with it.

Quixote71Feb. 17, 1212:06 AM

Just what my tax dollars call for, a billion dollar monument to the biggest flopping team of nfl history.


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