Minneapolis-area Lutherans weigh marriage amendment

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 16, 2012 - 9:55 PM

Members of the Minneapolis-based synod will be urged to reject the proposed amendment at today's assembly.

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Mister_EFeb. 16, 1211:20 PM

One must continue to ask why Catholic bishops are so rigid in their support for this amendment? The cynic in me suggests that their push of this wedge issue is to distract their congregations from issues closer to home like pedophile priests, non celibate priests, women demanding to be priests etc... It seems their haven't seriously taken Jesus' admonition to "heal thyself" before jumping into this fray. That could lead one to conclude that, given the expanding scope of their ministerial failures, they no longer have the moral standing for their advice to be followed.

viktorvaughnFeb. 16, 1211:26 PM

It's interesting how the Catholic Church makes decisions top-down and Lutherans decide things bottom-up. Catholics: The Pope says good Catholics will vote to prohibit gay marriage in their state constitution. Lutherans: So how do the rest of you feel about enshrining the denial of our brothers and sisters' rights in the state constitution?

vikings19Feb. 16, 1211:48 PM

What is there to discuss? If the church is following the teachings of scripture, then this is non issue as scripture teaches what marriage is and it ain't Adam and Steve. The state may end up saying that's a legally binding contract but that will not be binding in the Christian church. Those churches that do follow the state's lead would remove themselves from the faith. It's not easy to be a Christian, and quite frankly it's not supposed to be. We all have to choose - do we follow God's law or mans in matters where they clearly contradict...choose for yourself, but I will choose God every time.......................................................ok, Christian haters blast away at me, I have my fire retardant suit on....

ghstribFeb. 17, 1212:05 AM

This is because Catholicism is based on guilt and fear (to control people and retain power) instead of love and compassion (which is the foundation of true Christianity, as well as any measure of genuine humanity). I say this as one who was raised Catholic and learned that, in their view, only though substantial financial contributions would I be considered sanctified. I saw this as opposed to Christ's teachings, decided I didn't need this form of sanctification and left the church (fortunate, unlike many of my friends, to have escaped the sexual abuse of pedophiles hiding in priest's garments). Is this amendment about love and compassion or guilt and fear? Those of you who consider homosexuality wrong because of something in the old testament had better also put to death anyone working on the sabbath, or anyone who touches pig flesh, or anyone who dresses in mixed fabrics, because the bible also specifies these things. Or, are you just hypocrites?

jcinmnFeb. 17, 1212:08 AM

Mister_E-I don't think all Priests and Bishops are as you describe them. With 2 billion catholics worldwide there are bound to be a lot of deviates. That being said I think that most catholic clergy actually believe what they say. Christ did talk against defiling your body.

jcinmnFeb. 17, 1212:12 AM

After what happened in 2009 I will be very surprised if the ELCA votes in favor of the Marriage Amendment. The few ultra-conservatives left will probably leave but most left in 2010. I still believe in the separation of church and state and am against any action by the state to dictate terms to the church

halfabubbleFeb. 17, 1212:21 AM

I find it odd that those who support the amendment to ban same sex marriage are opposed to it solely on religious grounds, without acknowledging the negative effect on society that this kind of a ban has. Those asking for same sex marriage are not asking for the Catholic Church to perform such marriages, they simply want what the straight communities already have, the right to have a spouse who can share in the burdens of life's struggles. If it means they have to have a judge perform the ceremony, then so be it, but is it really too much for them to ask the rest of us for this equality? Just how does allowing more freedom diminish us all?

gopherfan93Feb. 17, 12 1:57 AM

"This is because Catholicism is based on guilt and fear (to control people and retain power) instead of love and compassion (which is the foundation of true Christianity, as well as any measure of genuine humanity)." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ No ... I'm not going to sit here and let you make that incredibly ignorant statement. Catholic charities and human services are the largest network of it's kind in the world. They are the most loving and compassionate institution on the planet, based on how many people they feed, house, educate, and provide free or low-cost healthcare to every single day. Only in your dreams, could any liberals accomplish what the Catholic Church accomplishes day in and day out.

ericgus55Feb. 17, 12 2:02 AM

As a semi-regular attender of (and regular contributor to) a Lutheran church, I will say that the reason that we chose our particular church was based largely on the welcoming attitude towards gay and lesbian folks. I believe that much of the Bible is outdated and irrelevant to the modern world, mostly the OT rules, but the underlying message is to love your neighbors and treat them as you would want to be treated, and to judge not, and to worry about the sins of yourself before the sins of others. I take that into my general life as an American, where people do not have to believe what I believe. Whether or not I believe that the religious sacrament of "marriage" should be open to homosexual couples is an opinion that I will keep between me and my god. The civil contract of "marriage," however, is a different thing and I believe that it must be available to everyone equally, because I believe that the rules of the church and the rules of the state must be evaluated separately. I will not impose my personal religious beliefs on anyone, and I hope that they will not vote for laws to impose theirs on me or anyone else. As a believer in the Constitution, legal precedent, and freedom and equality in general, I can see no reason NOT to allow and support the civil contract of marriage between same-sex couples.

tbot2000Feb. 17, 12 5:56 AM

spot on, halfabubble.


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