Sen. Paul stalls Klobuchar bill on synthetic drugs

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 16, 2012 - 6:39 AM

A popular, bipartisan effort is tied up by a Senate political tactic.

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dranderson99Feb. 15, 1210:23 PM

This is not surprising. If his father, Ron Paul, is elected President he will try to make all "recreational" drugs legal. Meth users all over the country support the Paul campaign.

paramedicrnFeb. 15, 1211:20 PM

Please, please Sen. Klobuchar, I applaud you for this heroic effort to make synthetic drugs illegal. What a statement you are making! The first thing that should be done is to enact legislation, through your measures, to require all U.S. Senators and House of Representative members to comply with mandatory drug screening, before assuming office, and on annual screening dates. This is the only moral and politically correct action you can take, no exceptions. Be the first one to volunteer for testing, Amy.This is an opportunity to show your leadership qualities.Minnesota is for health. Show you are drug-free. Synthetic drugs or other. Free of street drugs, antidepressants and psychiatric medications, its only moral Amy. Way to go; you are our leader.

gloatorventFeb. 15, 1211:24 PM

Let the states handle this legislation. Amy should be working on getting the federal spending and deficit under control. Sure, this is important, but when the country goes bankrupt if nothing is done we will have a much bigger issue. And Amy, also tell Harry Reid to do his job and bring all these bills passed by the House to the floor so the Senate can vote on them. Oh, and add "pass a budget" to his to-do list.

donm251Feb. 16, 1212:00 AM

I'm not a democrat, but Amy is doing the right thing. Don't wait for every state to pass legislation.

dougl35534Feb. 16, 1212:05 AM

---Let the states handle this legislation. Amy should be working on getting the federal spending and deficit under control. Sure, this is important, but when the country goes bankrupt if nothing is done we will have a much bigger issue--First off, this is a national issue. The problem is everywhere. Secondly, it's not for the state to "handle" because it involve interstate jurisdiction i.e. Federal Jurisdiction. How so? Because most of the sales are via web sites. The sales are going across state lines. That makes it a federal issue. There are web sites in the us and aboard selling these chemicals. As for the US going bankrupt here's a clue for's the house of representatives that holds the purse strings and needs to create the bills. Guess what... Amy is in the Senate. Can you say Senate? I knew you could. Now, if I were you I wouldn't hold your breath, the GOP house seems to be more pre-occupied with social issues then monetary issues

commoncent4Feb. 16, 1212:07 AM

Don't wait for the state.... Are you saying to ignore the constitution?? Really, just because you think something is a good idea doesn't mean we ignore it. That's how we got obamacare.

joycen62Feb. 16, 1212:08 AM

Yeah, like States like Kentucky would ever LEAD legislation against illegal drug manufacturing and distribution. It's probably 15% of their economy. New Florida pill mill regulation have shut down the Oxy trains and buses to Kentucky. Let's be real here. At the same time defective people are trying to chemically create the next high for anyone stupid enough to put an unknown drug inside their stystem, there are other defective people trying to create an illegal steroid that is undetectable by any drug tests on the professional athlete market. Chemistry.

joycen62Feb. 16, 1212:15 AM

DrAnderson99...Rep. Ron Paul will never be elected, not his son, Sen. Rand Paul. The John Birch Society has been around since the 1950's, in different forms. I do admire them and their steadfast convictions, but their underlying motives are horrid.

glorpifaxFeb. 16, 1212:18 AM

Good for Paul. Kneejerk banning of whole branches of cannabinoids ( making them never able to be researched again ) because "the kids" are getting into them is a never ending battle. They ban this, they ban that, where will it end? Specifically, I challenge Klobuchar's assertion that 2c-e is terribly dangerous. Cases I've heard of ( like the kid in MN ) were idiotic overdoses - or, allegedly, not even that chemical. But it doesn't matter to Klobuchar. Drugs are always an easy target, and she thinks she can get some "law and order" points here. What a joke. That game is really, really stale. When are we going to ban alcohol? It's killed thousands more than any "research hallucinogen". No, more than all of them put together.

westcentralwFeb. 16, 1212:32 AM

People want drugs and will find a way to get drugs whether they are legal or not, the reason these synthetic ones are so popular is because people don't want to be jailed, making these illegal expands the failed drug war and makes criminals out of our citizens. At the very least this should be a states right to decide not a federal issue.


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