Vikings rule out moving from Minneapolis in 2012

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 15, 2012 - 8:14 AM
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bill9844Feb. 14, 12 9:21 PM

Omaha Beckons, give it a thought. Lincoln is nice too.

Bob_NelsonFeb. 14, 12 9:37 PM

This was their chance to escape a bad fanbase that can't even sell 50,000 tickets. This was their chance to increase the value of the franchise through relocated to a wealthier area and certainly one more supportive. The vikings always blow every opportunity they get and this is no exception. They will regret choosing poverty and NFL welfare rather than becoming successful. Never ever underestimate the vikings ability to screw up!!

twolves2142Feb. 14, 12 9:46 PM

We dodged a bullet here. I think the stadium will be next to the dome. I am surprised that the Vikings TURNED DOWN the Arden Hills proposal. (They want ALL revenue from parking) meaning no extra taxes. So they had a chance at Arden Hills.

dr4golfFeb. 14, 12 9:51 PM

Now let's see if our legislators have any gonads to actually take a political risk and get something done for the good of MN. I happen to be be traveling in San Antonio and Austin this week. Wow. The money going into infrastructure in this place is amazing. They still have that pioneer spirit that says they can make anything happen. The economy is hot, hot and I wonder why not move a company down here? It has it all. Minnesota, I love ya, but you don't know what you are up against. If you want to compete get moving. You already have all the theatres, etc. you need. Get the stadium done, get a practice facility for U of MN basketball done, get the U of MN baseball facility done. And by God, put some money in your friggin roads will ya? You can't afford to be smug any longer. Time is expiring.

seanboyFeb. 14, 1210:00 PM

I supported Wilf until now. How anybody with a lack of guts and negotiating skills has come to own a football team is beyond me. He must have inherited his money.

ThegonagleFeb. 14, 1210:16 PM

This is the least surprising news I've read in 2012.

ewiltsFeb. 14, 1210:19 PM

@dr4golf: "Now let's see if our legislators have any gonads to actually take a political risk and get something done for the good of MN.". They have. They said no. There has not yet been a deal put together that is actually for the good of MN. The Vikings seem to think it's up to everybody else to raise the money for the stadium and it isn't happening.

finnschoFeb. 14, 1210:19 PM

To all the "naysayers", I bet a large % of you jumped on the Vikings bandwagon in the Randy Moss '98 season & the Brett Favre '09 season!!! Sounds like a bunch of Dallas Cowgirl Fans to me.

spendmoreFeb. 14, 1210:24 PM

Vikings, please reconsider and leave. We won't build you a stadium. Open your oversized wallet and pay for the thing yourself. Have a nice day.

ottlukkFeb. 14, 1211:27 PM

Roger Goodell to make 20 million a year! Make him a citizen of Minnesota, tax him at 50%, and a we're that much closer to a stadium.


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