Marriage vote tests donor law

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , a nd BRAD SCHRADE
  • Updated: February 11, 2012 - 11:59 PM

A relatively new state campaign finance law allows groups that give to ballot initiatives to protect the identities behind the donations.

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tvclemsonFeb. 11, 12 9:47 PM

If you're ashamed of people knowing who you donate to, then maybe you shouldn't make the donation. Awaiting an amendment supporters response to this...

wdntyouknwFeb. 11, 12 9:48 PM

Of the three, Minnesota Catholic Conference, the Minnesota Family Council and the National Organization for Marriage, only the Catholic Conference has an accurate name. The Family Council OPPOSES families with non-traditional parents and the N.O. for Marriage is AGAINST marriage for select partners. If you are trying to sell your product with a false name, there might be something wrong with your product.

lechevalier5Feb. 11, 12 9:53 PM

I want to know who is giving to support the amendment because if they are businesses or business owners I want to know who not to give my business to. If you really believe in something you either have the guts to put your name on it and accept the consequences or your just another coward.

kd5757Feb. 11, 1211:04 PM

Those that support the amendment are attempting to subjugate other human beings to second-class status. Given that there are no secular rational reasons for denying same-sex marriage and given that the three main supporting groups have socially conservative religious roots, it is safe to say that these people are attempting to write their religious beliefs into our public laws making the rest of us involuntary followers of their faith. Whenever any group tries to sell us on the idea that it is okay to harm other human beings in the name of God, the rest of us should be very concerned and not take these overtures lightly.

wildfoxFeb. 11, 1211:30 PM

This amendment will fail. The usual 20-23% of bible bangers will vote for it and that about sums it up.

dfldebtaylorFeb. 12, 12 1:03 AM

A list of all donors to political campaigns, issue advocacy campaigns, and all donors to so-called super pacs should be quickly and easily available public knowledge. We learn a lot more about a candidate's/issue group's motivation if we know who is footing the bill. In the case of the the proposed marriage discrimination amendment, the right to freeload amendment, and the voter suppression amendment, I certainly want to know who is financing these amendments so I can avoid putting money in their pockets through my purchasing and investing decisions whenever possible.

orpheus90Feb. 12, 12 1:56 AM

Yet another reason to vote NO on the Marriage amendment: The money to change the state's constitution is not only coming from hidden sources, but likely from sources out of state.

stevensp0Feb. 12, 12 6:45 AM

Why do we allow these political speakers to hide behind a veil? They ought to be prideful of their moral stand and more than willing to put their names out into the light of day. Without full disclosure these political fights become nothing less than ambushes. Show us the face of the enemy.

qbawb1Feb. 12, 12 7:04 AM

"Minnesota for Marriage said the three groups are crucial to its fundraising efforts because of the harassment and intimidation that sometimes follow marriage amendment supporters and those who contributed to similar campaigns in other states. Rep. Steve Gottwalt, a St. Cloud Republican who sponsored the amendment, was shouted at as state troopers ushered him and his wife out of the State Capitol after last year's floor vote. Target Corp. endured a stinging backlash two years ago after it donated to a group supporting former GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who supported the marriage amendment" REALLY??? Are you serious?? Harassed and intimidated?? Shouted at? OMG. This from the supporters of people who wish to codify hatred, discrimination and fan the flames of harassment and intimidation of the GLBT community? Whose actions spur bullying and assaults on members of the GLBT community? Why don't they just all don bed sheets, like other hate groups who are too ashamed of their actions to let people know who they are?

woodbuckFeb. 12, 12 8:10 AM

Maybe, we should just put a limit on any contribution to an amemdment ballot. Just limit any contribution from any source to a hundred bucks. Treat corporations, special interest groups, and, private citizens exactly the same, limit the amount, and, make their contribution public knowledge.


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