Doctor wants to put vitamin D to work in the workplace

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2012 - 10:37 PM

An Abbott Northwestern doctor wants corporate America to snap to attention, saying low levels of the inexpensive vitamin are costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and preventable health costs.

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misterbutchFeb. 11, 1210:20 PM

"I take multi-vitamins, I exercise a half-hour a day, six days a week, I eat really healthy -- fruits and vegetables, meat and potatoes, no fast food," said Dunphy, 59. But his levels were low. "I started taking vitamin D pills right away," he said. "Within three or four days, I was feeling much better." psychosomatic medicine, anyone?

loriblFeb. 11, 1210:21 PM

Maybe Obama should have this covered in the healthcare for free. Hmmm.Certainly not in the agenda. Shucks I already take these vitamins I was hoping for somthing free. Maybe next time.

wildfoxFeb. 11, 1211:03 PM

Vitamin D supplements truly changed my life. I was tested and it was moderately low and I have been taking Vit D for 2 years and my pain issues have nearly vanished and I have much more energy. Thank you Allina for the free Vit D level testing.

wildfoxFeb. 11, 1211:04 PM

The Vitamin D counsel has great information on their website.

pdxtranFeb. 12, 1212:01 AM

I started taking Vitamin D two years ago, and the first effect I noticed that first winter was when everyone around me was getting the flu and I didn't. This was in spite of not going in for a flu shot. I now get very few colds, and they don't last very long.

corporatetaxFeb. 12, 1212:32 AM

Wait a second, not everyone in Minnesota is taking Vit D supplements? Are you kidding me? We live in a northern state with a long winter. It's almost culturally ingrained in Scandinavia to do so.

jaketwotimesFeb. 12, 1212:50 AM

Vitamin D is the new Vitamin C. Us Minnesota pale faces could certainly use more of it. Why haven't we heard more about it? Because it's a considered a supplement and therefore unable to be patented by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. I can guarantee that if Pfizer just patented it they would be putting it in tap water tomorrow. While we're at it, maybe a little bit of sunlight isn't as bad as they say? They would rather push some Prozac on you than tell you to go out and get some sun. Maybe grandma was right after all....

bernice3Feb. 12, 12 3:14 AM

pdxtran -- Since calcium can't be absorbed without Vitamin D, I've been taking quite a bit of D for years and, like you, get very few colds and am rid of them in a couple of days. I didn't connect that to D until your comment, however. Thanks. In one article I read, not only did low levels of D contribute to (or cause) depression -- especially wintertime Seasonal Affective Disorder -- low levels also interfere with our bodies' use of insulin. Doctors naturally prescribe insulin, but could perhaps check Vitamin D levels first to see if raising them made both the "diabetes" and depression go away.

cedarriverFeb. 12, 12 5:14 AM

I started taking vitamin D after my stroke per my doctor-1,000 Iu. and I could notice the difference immediatly, less fatigue and more get up and go, I feel like doing something instead of laying around.

orchard1049Feb. 12, 12 6:18 AM

I first heard about vitamin D four years ago and am a complete believer. My colds have gone down and I've had a higher level of health. Once you look at the research that's out there and feel the effects, you'll start telling everyone you can, like I have. My kids are both in college and used to roll their eyes at me when I would talk about it; now they're taking it every day too! It's simply the easiest thing that you can do to improve your health. The FDA needs to update its recommended daily allowance and doctors need to start talking to their patients about it right away. What the heck are we waiting for????


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