Vikings say no to new Ramsey County plan

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2012 - 1:08 AM

Team called the earlier proposals for Arden Hills site "more viable."

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mitchrapp27Feb. 10, 1210:18 PM

Yes.... Suckers are born every day, good luck Minneapolis residents. The Vikings are waiting for your money.

ztwoodsFeb. 10, 1210:25 PM

If this is such a good deal where are all of the private equity funds begging to get in on the deal? Maybe Bain Capitol needs to get involved, they say they turn companies around and create loads of jobs. We need to keep government out of private businesses, get out of their way so they can get busy turning things around! Let those great capitalists in the private sector do it themselves, if they want to get it done all they need to do is work harder and the dream of stadium ownership is all theirs!

norsegodlokiFeb. 10, 1210:42 PM

I rather am sickened by the focus on what makes Zigi happy and what the "officials" want, but nary a word on what the public that will be footing the bill for this monstrosity wants or for that matter CAN afford. It must be grand negotiating with other peoples money at no personal risk in a public (expense) private (profit) venture.

roberthelm808Feb. 10, 1210:50 PM

Either site would create a ridiculous amount of jobs and be a huge windfall to local businesses of Minneapolis or Arden Hills. For those of us who have worked downtown for a living, and have perused the local establishments after hours, know exactly what I am talking about. It's the equivalent of the state hockey tournament effect in St. Paul - but for 3 years straight. It's the 80's all over again for Minneapolis when Prince played 1st avenue for a week straght - times 10, and multiplied over three years. However, the Vikings are methodically eliminating these jobs by simply letting us expire our options - and then they are in Los Angeles. That was the plan from the beginning, that's why "Ziggy" didn't identify himself until the new ownership was questioned by the Star Tribune, and that's why this outcome was predetermined - Los Angeles Vikings

gvflorenceFeb. 10, 1210:54 PM

Instead of us Minnesotans ponying up $750 million to replace a serviceable stadium, how about if we find out from the Wilfs exactly how much more they figure to make from a new stadium, paid for mostly by us. Then give it to them each year. Servicing the debt on three quarters of a billion dollars, let's say at 3% interest, is $22.5 million. Just give them the $22.5 million each year and avoid the billion dollar extortion boondoggle.

oldpunkFeb. 10, 1210:55 PM

The earlier proposals are not more viable since they would have to face a referendum.

indfserfdwdFeb. 10, 1210:56 PM

the greed of these people is absolutely astounding.....

brokenglassFeb. 10, 1211:04 PM

This negotiation will be fun. I expect we'll call Zygi's bluff and see if he'll make moves to LA, or to sell to someone who'll move to LA. This deal won't happen during the current session. Way too much brinksmanship to follow.

sachmnFeb. 10, 1211:07 PM

Beggars can't be choosers.

woodpecFeb. 10, 1211:11 PM

'Minneapolis Council Member Gary Schiff said his constituents "don't support subsidies for a professional sports stadium. And they certainly don't support the financing plan that's been presented to date."' Sounds like at least someone is listening---that is someone who has my vote.


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