Dennis Anderson: Carp clarity is just six steps away

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 12, 2012 - 12:00 AM

A comprehensive plan to turn back Asian carp is needed in Minnesota. Here's a suggestion.

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davepenFeb. 11, 12 6:16 PM

The government has already spent millions to no avail. Why not use that money for a bounty on these fish? Humans are pretty-good at decimating a fishery when there's money involved. Just look at the Great Lakes.

cgallawayFeb. 11, 12 6:49 PM

I don't quite understand the fear....while I am no expert and certainly not a biologist, it seems to me that the ideal environment for these asian carp are muddy waters without much vegetation and therefore not very many other species of fish. I offer up the Mississippi River and the Illinois River as prime examples. I have yet to hear about a clear river or stream with many different types of fish being a spawning ground for these asian carp. Second thing that bothers me is that we are worried about nature taking over what our ideal of nature is. On the definition side of the word "natural" combined with the ethical ethos of keeping things "natural", wouldn't doing something to "stop these fish" be going against nature? Sure, I suppose some people will lose money, but it doesn't have to be that way...see below. The third and final issue I take with this stance is that the quick spawning produces a short growing time, quick, available, cheap food. If we as a society decide that we don't want to allow nature to take it's course, then perhaps we should catch them (probably with fishing nets), clean them and cook them. They can be distributed to schools and homeless shelters for either a minimal fee or free of charge (a good way to make a positive out of this). Feed the hungry. I can see a charitable organization being given tons of these fish and having a fish fry for a few bucks a plate as a fundraiser. Maybe that's the way we can raise money for the Vikings Stadium. Maybe that's how the state can get out of debt. And yes, I have eaten Asian Carp, being from the Illinois River Valley in Central Illinois, where these things now run rampant. They taste good.

elmore1Feb. 11, 12 9:28 PM

Good article Dennis. Our politicians can't see past the end of their noses. They would rather focus their efforts sticking their tongues out at each other or debating the Vikings stadium while our most important resources are threatened by permanent damage from carp and AIS.

martiankingFeb. 11, 12 9:28 PM

These species of carp are the aquatic version of creeping charlie. They will kill all aquatic life due to their voracious appetite for plankton, which is a source of food for most young fish. The silver carp will filter the water till there is no food for other species to eat. That is how bad these things are. As for the sport part of these being bad, forget driving a boat on any river these things inhabit, or water skiing, even canoeing. You disturb the water, these fish, weighing up to 40 pounds, can jump ten out of the water. Whoever imported these fish should be shot. I don't think the electric barriers will stop these fish taking over the ecosystem. All you need is some yahoo to take a few live ones up stream of the barriers to ruin the whole thing. Either we come up with something to specifically kill these fish alone, they will take over. Period. So you better start praying someone comes up with an answer quick.

fish60Feb. 11, 12 9:32 PM

When they school up seine them. We have the capacity to seriously deplete the population.

rshacklefordFeb. 12, 12 1:29 AM

Unless a genetic solution is found, there is really nothing anyone can do about it. But then, is killing-off an entire species the moral thing to do? Who is to say that these fish were not meant to be here in 2012? And, subsequently, who is to say that someone who released a few breeding pairs in specific locations would be in the wrong to correct the mass killing of a species? Just because you do not like them does not make what you want to do in the right. Unless a genetic solution is found, no amount of money spent will 'solve' this 'perceived' problem.

stavangerFeb. 12, 12 6:38 AM

Ooh,,It could get more interesting. You mention "to Sout Dakota", (I suppose you mean up the Minnesota River to Browns Valley, then into South Dakota. Well, in high water years, at Browns Valley,(the divide) water can flow out of both ends of Traverse, enabeling fish to then get into the Red River going North. Now just imagine them going both east and west into the northern tributaries of the Red,

walranger5Feb. 12, 12 6:39 AM

Asian Carp also eat larval native fish, proteins protein. We have native predators for juvenile Asian carp, which the experts say, are very bad at avoiding predators. Catfish are good predators but they still commercial fish them. Commercial overfishing is what allowed invasives to take over the great lakes. Restore native predators makes the entire waterbody resistant to invasive species no matter how they get in!

batman50Feb. 12, 12 7:52 AM

Cgallaway- "muddy waters without much vegetation and therefore not very many other species of fish". ----You've obviously never been on the MIss in MN if this is your view. Why don't you at least take a peek at it or go out on a boat once before you spout off such nonsense. If you went down there today you'd be amazed at the water clarity (which has nothing to do with the diversity of fish population).

jackpinesavFeb. 12, 12 8:30 AM

Appears that Dennis has finally figured out that his distain for legislative minority in conservation matters has produced a majority that is led by tough guy former Sheriff Bill and "can't shoot straight enough to kill a deer" McNamera who only talk the talk and cannot deliver because "geez, these things cost $$$$.." Keep short-changing the environmental issues and the outdoor recreation industry state-wide is dead meat.They wear the camo and show up for fishing open photo op, like Tim the perennial candidate, but are penny wise, pound foolish. Plant corn...get corn!


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