Ramsey County revises Vikings stadium financing plan

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 10, 2012 - 12:27 AM

The county took its third try at stadium financing as issues arose on state and Minneapolis plans.

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mnpls1234Feb. 9, 1210:27 PM

2 more nails in the coffin.

cpcasserlyFeb. 9, 1210:31 PM

Save $200 million . . . build it without a roof like the Twins stadium!

freedubayFeb. 9, 1210:34 PM

75 million per year not enough? Where is all this coming from? Taxpayers get ready to open your wallets. Property tax increases will more than make up social services shortfalls when money gets diverted to the NFL. Minneapolis wants this so bad they can have it.

ericaloeFeb. 9, 1210:40 PM

1 Billion dollars. 1 BILLION. Way too much money. Just too much. Sorry.

wildcatfaceFeb. 9, 1210:43 PM

WANTED - Some individual, institution, local government or community to help build a new stadium for me and my football team. I could build the stadium with all of my own money and some from the NFL but then I would have to cut back on other things I want to buy or invest in. I just bought an expensive apartment in Manhattan and I am stretched a little thin at this time not to mention that the cost of aviation fuel for my private jet has gone through the roof. Although the NFL made about nine billion dollars in profits last year they have a lot of expenses and can only offer a couple hundred million dollars to help me out. I only need about $650,000,000 and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Governor Dayton and MN State legislative leaders have taken me out to several great lunch meetings but because of these tough economic times they have been of little help and they can't even figure out where my new stadium should be built. I know that several State Legislators even some Republican Legislators are trying hard to figure out a way to bamboozle the public in accepting new taxes but so far We’ve come up dry. Things have gotten so bad that I had to cancel the order to the foundry where we had designed a beautiful brass plaque with the names of two prominent County Commissioners names in large font upon it. It’s just a sad situation all the way around. So if you know of an individual, a community, or anybody that can come up with the cash I need, please contact me at Winter Park C/O Mr. Z. Wilf

scavengersFeb. 9, 1211:42 PM

Mayor Rybak is going to drive the City of Minneapolis into financial ruin. How about a recall election before he destroys Minneapolis financially?

viktorvaughnFeb. 10, 1212:17 AM

Ramsey's plan to contribute user fees is more defensible than sales tax revenue. Except why put a surcharge on a ticket when you could just set the ticket price to pay for the full cost of the entertainment? Any new stadium needs to be paid for by user fees, but those fees should be charged by the man demanding a stadium for his privately owned team; then government can stay out of the whole matter.

jjjamesFeb. 10, 1212:40 AM

What a spectacle -- elected officials falling all over themselves to throw public money at a private entertainment business! Give it a rest boys (and Sen. Rosen); the NFL's old business model is dead; just step aside and let it topple. Stadiums are privately financed now (Dallas (mostly), NY, SF).

ocsid2Feb. 10, 1212:49 AM

Sigh. The Arden Hills plan makes sense. We're looking at a massive tract of undeveloped land in the metro area, that, because of the contamination issues, has very few possible uses. There's no way you could build residential developments there - nobody would want to live on an old army dump. A limited use facility like a stadium is a perfect fit, and it cleans up a blighted tract of land. If the legislature would grant a waiver like they did in Hennepin County for Target Field (that's called precedent), this could get done rather quickly. Do I think it's the best thing ever to spend hundreds of millions on a football stadium? No, but having a covered multipurpose stadium in a major market in a northern climate is a good thing, and many of you can talk about how the Dome is just fine, but realistically, it's economically obsolete. Sorry, but those are the facts. And PLEASE DON'T TALK ABOUT VANCOUVER. The BC Place stadium renovation was quite nice, but it resulted in a huge reduction in seating capacity. That would be unacceptable for the NFL.

ltdgvmtmavenFeb. 10, 1212:58 AM

I hope the people wake up and realize that this is the Political Class vs People, not a Republican vs Democrat thing. Look at how supposedly small Government Republicans (Lanning, Rosen) and supposedly pro Middle Class Democrats (Mondale, Dayton) are both getting together to pay for this boondoggle, without having a second thought about putting taxpayers at a disadvantage.

Don't forget this during the next election cycle. Vote for those who will watch out for you, not cater to those who fund their campaigns.

And don't just assume that because someone is a Democrat, he will care for the poor or because someone is a Republican, he is for small government. Those labels mean NOTHING.


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