For Anoka students, it gets better

  • Article by: MARIA ELENA BACA and PAUL LEVY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 10, 2012 - 5:13 PM

District's moves to face bullying and GLBT issues are helping many, amid challenges new and old.

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hocksean10Feb. 8, 12 9:56 PM

I'm glad that this issue is finally being tackled by administrators in Anoka County and around the nation. I disagree with how this issue is being overblown by the media though. The Anoka County School District has been exemplified and become the focused target to this problem, regardless that it's happening in schools around the nation.

kd5757Feb. 8, 1210:06 PM

The polls are very clear that the younger generation, by a significant margin, is accepting of gay people. As the prejudices of the older generation continue to fall by the wayside, same-sex orientation, same-sex marriage, etc. will fortunately cease to be an issue in the future and we will be further along in creating a more just society.

wildfoxFeb. 8, 1210:50 PM

"God's been working at the school and really bringing people together" ... AND here is how the problem originated. This PUBLIC school district has allowed teachers and administrators to bring religion into the schools and classrooms for many years. The inappropriate, illegal behavior on their part has caused the current problems ... not the students.

goferfanzFeb. 8, 1210:58 PM

Hey--> a nice, realistic story on the problems facing youth today. Good job, Strib! What a breath of fresh air from the usual AHS psychobabble stories. The "suicide problem" might begin to get solved, since the district has investigated them all and found no relation to school bullying. Since AHS is not only in Bachmann's district, but also Paulsen/Franken/Klobuchar/Dayton I have not heard any of them call the district a liar. Right? The solution lies with embracing simple truths-->1. 80% of a kid's time is spent outside of the school.... 2. Most peer and finanical pressures occur outside of the school.... 3. Adolescent behavior is very prone to copycat or modeling so be very careful in how this problem is portrayed/approached.......Again, strib-->good job, postive team building is solution #1, and let's hope it is modeled and copied as outlined in this story!

roooooFeb. 8, 1211:01 PM

Wildfox, thank you. I cannot agree with you more.

misterbutchFeb. 8, 1211:07 PM

i'm glad to see a story about how it gets better one day after santorum won in this state dan savage would be proud

roooooFeb. 8, 1211:18 PM

I'm glad the Anoka school district seems to be making strides towards rectifying it's horrific mistakes in the past. Nothing they can do now can bring back the students that died because of their inaction, but I hope that more kids can feel comfortable in their learning environment and be protected by the adults in their lives. It is a proven fact that the adults did fail their students by not protecting them, and allowing bullying, particularly religious bullying, to grow to epic proportions within it's schools. That would be the reason that Anoka is being targeted...and I personally don't think the media has paid enough attention to it. They only started "investigating" after the media was alerted to the problem...and of course they are going to find no fault in their schools with bullying, otherwise they'd be sued by every parent in the district. I'm still unsure why any public school would allow it's students to use religious views to hurt and offend other students...public school is no place for religion. Period. If you must talk about your God inside of a school, go join a school that is religious. Homosexuality is not a religion, it is a scientific fact of human nature that is completely is only Christianity that has labeled it as unnatural.

ammunraFeb. 9, 1212:27 AM

hocksean10 -- I suspect that Anoka has just become a microcosm for the country as a whole. This last year saw a large number of highly publicized suicides and with Anoka having a few of them, it makes sense people would hone in there. I hope that the new policy works well so others around the nation can see something intelligent and moderate that works so they can copy and adopt the policy for their own schools, making high schools safer and better for all students.

turgidFeb. 9, 12 7:24 AM

Sounds like the school system is starting to embrace the situation and make something positive come out of it. Great news. Kids need all the help we can give them - especially those who are easy targets - in this day and age where a few clicks of someone's thumb can turn their world upside down.

jablumpkinnFeb. 9, 12 7:42 AM

With 9 suicides in the last 2 years - the result of poor polices, bad leadership & twisted political / religious influences---this school disctict better re-write the book!


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