Arden Hills stadium site cleanup gets contract

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2012 - 6:41 AM

Work continues on financing plan for Vikings' top stadium choice.

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brokenglassFeb. 7, 1210:33 AM

Good move. Better come up with a financing plan pronto for the local part of the stadium cost.

crychangFeb. 7, 1210:34 AM

Could add light rail and have it travel around in circles.

TomacltdFeb. 7, 1210:36 AM

If the governor wants a stimulus plan, here it its. There is significant federal money earmarked for the clean up of this site and we have plenty of unemployed people that would love a job. Put together a jobs program that utilizes the federal money, hire the unemployed people to do the various required jobs to get this done and remove people from the unemployment lines. Everybody wins and the job gets done.

buttoxxFeb. 7, 1210:39 AM

Feel free to put the polluted dirt in Bennet's backyard.

garyglsFeb. 7, 1210:45 AM

Just read the new clean up report put out by the Ramsey board and it nothing close to what Bennett said it was, ANOTHER Bennett lie. But both Mpls. and Ramsey Cty elected thieves are working very hard to take your right to vote away. RT Crybek has been at Dayton's office every day begging for him to take the legal right vote away from taxpayers and give tax dollars to a "for profit" business.

lundguyFeb. 7, 1211:00 AM

Why won't Ramsey county make a deal with race tracks and state to put in Racino's at tracks? I haven't heard of politician suggest this for this site like 85% of TAX PAYERS WANT! Or, are all the politicians scared of the Indians. Come on! Or at least ask the Indians to help, or we help ourselves in the gaming industry monopoly.

louieaFeb. 7, 1211:06 AM

Well guess what, Bennett? I am OUTRAGED, DISMAYED ... and _ISSED _FF that you want to stick the taxpayers for $350+++ million for a new stadium without allowing me to have a say in the matter. That, by the way, is called a r-e-f-e-r-d-u-m by "we the people." And "we the people" want one before you go sticking us with a 30 year debt.

quincy7981Feb. 7, 1211:21 AM

In related news, I'm going to award a contract to a custom home builder to build me a $10 million dollar house on Lake Minnetonka, BUT it will be contingent upon me winning powerball. Just as valid. They didn't actually "approve" anything in any meaningful way. This is a non-story designed to make it look like they have continued momentum. But when it's this transparent, it defeats the purpose.

louieaFeb. 7, 1211:32 AM

A thousand pardons. It appears louiea had a little trouble with his speelinng this morning ... please allow me to buy a vowel or something and try this: R-E-F-E-R-E-N-D-U-M I'm betting Bennett knew what I was talking about anyway since he apparently invented the process of circumventing it and then let Rybak in on his secret.

jackdog1Feb. 7, 1211:44 AM

I thought for sure we'd see the great government line about let's get it cleaned up it will only cost more to do it later. Let's just leave it so the polution can spread.


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