GOP candidates blitz Minnesota in caucus free-for-all

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 7, 2012 - 5:05 PM

In the closing hours before Tuesday night's caucuses, voters are far from united behind one GOP candidate.

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griffy2525Feb. 6, 1211:14 PM

RON PAUL 2012! now is your chance Minnesota! the most conservative, pro life, intelligent, peaceful, consistent, thoughtful, honest, Ron Paul! send a message to the establishment, the people still elect, not the media, not the establishment, tell your family, tell your friends, you can make history by giving Ron Paul a huge win tommorrow!!!! no more needless and expensive wars, no more bailouts, no more obama, no more mit, no more newt, no more rick, RP 2012!!!

vorenusFeb. 7, 1212:08 AM

griffy2525Feb. 6, 1211:14 PMno more needless and expensive wars, no more bailouts, no more obama, no more mit, no more newt, no more rick, RP 2012!____________________no more Social Security, no more Medicare, no more regulations to make your food and water safe, no more environmental regulations. No more when you have that unfortunate accident at the plant, you're on your own and the company isn't liable. No more civil rights, no more minimum wage, no more affirmative action, no more Americans with Disabilities Act, No more Embryonic Stem Cell Research, etc, etc, etc....

mrteethFeb. 7, 1212:22 AM

Yes. We are broke. Yes, we've bailed out banks with our tax dollars. Yes, we've torn up the Constitution. Yes, our civil liberties are being flushed down the toilet. Yes, we're printing out trillions of dollars to finance our empire overseas. Yes, we're about to start another war with Iran/Syria. Yes, we're being lied to about Nukes like we we're lied to about WMDs. Yes, people are getting poorer, while the bankers are getting richer off of our money. Yes, nobody is doing anything about it. Yes, all of the politicians are playing the same games. No, not Ron Paul. Yes, he gets my vote.

bookgirl1Feb. 7, 12 1:40 AM

"Newt Gingrich says his consulting group never lobbied for clients. But his business hired state and federal lobbyists to work with clients, and some staff left to take lobbying jobs, according to lobbying disclosures and corporate reports."

bizsmithFeb. 7, 12 3:33 AM

Pawlenty spoke a gathering of about two dozen? Majority rules!

mikewensinkFeb. 7, 12 5:50 AM

Frankly Dr. Gingrich has Romney on the ropes, Romney went dirty first an hardest now he is fair game it was a terrible strategic move. Dr Gingrich's dirty linen is nothing compared to Romney's. Romney should be the one to drop out before he chokes on all his dirty deals. If the Dems know what I know about Romney and his source of dirty money, and I would expect that they do, he won't be able to win an election for dog catcher in Salt Lake City by election day and he will most probably end up in prison. (Who do you think launders all of that drug money, Wall Street Bankers.) Dr. Gingrich's biggest concern will be living long enough to get the nomination same with Rick Santorum. They both know what Romney really is, they have offered fall on their swords for their county. It is exciting to see such self sacrifice and dedication I hope all the other Rep. candidates and their supports end up in positions of power. They are all quite remarkable human beings. I never in million years would have thought I would come to admire a bunch of Politicians but I do.

katodeskFeb. 7, 12 5:56 AM

T-paw supports Romney. That pretty much eliminates Romney in my books.

buzzwordhitFeb. 7, 12 5:58 AM

Mitt says he will defend CAPITALISM, but he didn't in Massachusetts when he established ROMNEYCARE (which he still defends). Let's not forget that the HEALTH CARE industry is a BIG part of CAPITALISM is it not??? ROMNEY says that he will replace OBAMACARE with something else. Better not be another ROMNEYCARE - but he defends ROMNEYCARE!! Show me a politician who truly defends CAPITALISM and I'll show you a politician who defends CAPITALISM and DENOUNCES ROMNEYCARE!!!

elind56Feb. 7, 12 6:34 AM

"...the state has a history of embracing quirky politicians, potentially giving Paul his last, best shot."--------------------------------Quirky? Consistently on message for decades regardless of what group he speaks to, zero flip-flopping on issues, advocates for libery and freedom, wants a strong military defense but understands that troops and bases scattered all over the world are a massive contributor to our most pressing national security problem which is the staggering debt that truly does threaten to bring the republic down, and he gets labeled as "quirky"? Sad commentary on the low standards we've come to expect, even demand, from our leaders.

hrearden57Feb. 7, 12 7:36 AM

Our debt is $17 trillion. Any GOP could do better than 0bama's crony capitalism ,deficit spending, and massive regulations.


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