Ellison leads opposition to voter photo ID amendment

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 6, 2012 - 9:32 PM

DFL congressman asks caucus attendees to oppose GOP-led attempt to require government-issued IDs at the polls.

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justsayinFeb. 6, 1210:05 PM

"A republic does not rest on pure majority (mob?) rule" Jason Lewis, Feb 4, 2012. -- Dear Jason, thank you for the PERFECT argument against the MOB RULE represented by these HATEFUL GOP amendments. Thank you for understanding that using mob rule to suppress those in minority and less fortunate is without a doubt un-American. I look forward to your next article AGAINST these amendments.

mno0624Feb. 6, 1210:21 PM

What are they afraid of? That requiring an ID will strip the DFL of their "vote early, vote often" constituiency that keeps them in power. Are the trunkfuls of forged ballots not enough?

justsayinFeb. 6, 1210:38 PM

Approximately 89 percent of Americans have a photo ID. That means 3.2 million Americans do not. -- Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University

noinkFeb. 6, 1210:39 PM

It's ridiculous that in Minnesota you can vote without proving you are who you say you are.

comradeFeb. 7, 1212:00 AM

Ellison and others like him who want to keep the door open for the vote early, vote often crowd in case an election is close and victory for his side is not assured should be, but sadly are not ashamed of themselves. Their pathetic, weak arguments against showing I.D. are just that. Tell the Democrats like Ellison that I don't feel "disenfranchised" when I have to show I.D. to cash or pay by check or when asked by a LEO at a traffic stop. Since anyone can acquire a state I.D. then if you are too lazy to do so when you have years between elections to do it, then don't vote if it's not important enough for you. Stop the constant whining Rep. Ellison and get to work.

justice7147Feb. 7, 1212:31 AM

Don't you just LOVE the slanted reporting at which the Minneapolis Star & Democrat Newsletter is so adept? Take this article ... first quarter of it concerns a description of a Republican led bill concerning the use of photo ID's when voting. Meanwhile, the final 3/4 of the article is mostly the opinions of two people who don't seem to think that photo ID's and voting go hand in hand. Nice job Mr. Ragsdale - your party affiliation shines though! Let us take a look at this excerpt: "Speaking for disabled Minnesotans at Ellison's Capitol news conference, Mai Thor said people with disabilities are often poor and more likely than others to lack an up-to-date ID. "Our vote would essentially be suppressed," she said. Cory Baird, a student at the University of St. Thomas, said many students will be excluded, particularly those from other states." Well, well, well. WHO on earth is Mai Thor and why should we care WHAT she thinks? Is she an real representative of an "actual" organization (you make no mention of it) or is she just someone who was at that conference who decided her opinion was to be the voice of all disabled Minnesotans? Are her "claims" that disabled Minnesotans are "poor and without photo ID's" based on the results of actual research - or are they in truth, merely "what Mai thinks?" Also it would appear that suddenly the unfounded opinion of a local college student carries enough weight to be reported! Sadly Mr. Ragsdale, it appears you simply forgot to report any opinions that were "pro" photo-ID. In the end, it would seem that Mr. Ragsdale and the "Democratic Newsletter" are willing report the opinions of 2 people of unknown background and obvious political leanings as actually being such an important part of this story that their opinions are germain to the reporting of this issue. Wow. Facts may be facts - but what really matters is how your local newspaper presents them. If you don't pay attention to HOW you're being given the news - you'll never get the facts. So rejoice donkey lovers! The Minneapolis newspaper continues to be the bastion of "News from a Democrats point of view!"

genodadFeb. 7, 1212:57 AM

Representative Ellison instead of being part of the solution has become part of the problem in this country. Something, as important as voting, needs citizens to have an identification to prove citizenship. To argue otherwise is just plan stupid. People who don't support this do not put much importance on our right to vote.

vorenusFeb. 7, 12 2:46 AM

The funniest thing is the only voter fraud that seems to have been proven is the Indiana Secretary of State getting busted the other day. Oh by the way...he's a Republican.

gopherfan10101Feb. 7, 12 5:51 AM

"The funniest thing is the only voter fraud that seems to have been proven is the Indiana Secretary of State getting busted the other day. Oh by the way...he's a Republican." posted by vorenus

So..whats your point? I could care less what party they belong to if they try to vote fraudulently. They shouldn't vote! You see, I'm not a partisan hack like you who only parrots talking points. You should try to think for yourself.

outoftheboxFeb. 7, 12 6:26 AM

gopherfan10101--The point is that you do not have a point. Please prove to us that you have a point by proving that there is voter fraud that changes the outcome of elections. Until you do, all you have is a costly solution that is looking for a problem. But I am sure that you are in favor of raising taxes to pay for "your" ideas.


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