Flanked by union workers, Rybak pleads for Vikings stadium

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 6, 2012 - 10:16 PM

Council vote called crucial to jobs. Members not hopping on board.

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oat777Feb. 6, 1210:06 AM

Blah, Blah Blah...... Build it or don't, sick of the BS.

dmpabloFeb. 6, 1210:09 AM

Ain't gonna be paid with any of MY tax dollars.

muggsh2oFeb. 6, 1210:10 AM

Can we send Rybak to LA also?

joe_mnFeb. 6, 1210:13 AM

A football stadium is a land hog. Put it somewhere with hundreds of acres of land. Next to a nice highway.

rienbeckFeb. 6, 1210:15 AM

This is a solid plan. I hope they push it through and approve it. The new stadium is going to get built and it appears as though it will remain in Minneapolis. This is the most logical solution by far and has worked for several other teams who have build on property adjacent to their existing facility. Let's get this done!!

elmore1Feb. 6, 1210:15 AM

There are union and business leaders in Arden Hills and Shakopee too!

west336Feb. 6, 1210:27 AM

It SHOULD be on the other side of downtown, and create a Sports District that can/will support large, convention-format hotels and the other amenities that come with it. It makes sense to consolidate the stadiums for this, and other reasons.

mooheadFeb. 6, 1210:40 AM

There is a communications center there which the owner has said is not for sale. There is a major electrical substation that would have to be moved. I don't see this plan going anywhere. If it is built, it should be at the location of the dome, let ziggy play at TCF for a couple of years and please stop whining about how much a move to TCF will cost. Better yet, just play in the dome, and then you won't have to worry about the "losing" all of the money by moving to TCF while your new billion dollar playground is constructed.

rshacklefordFeb. 6, 1210:49 AM

"Minnesota Vikings stadium, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will join labor and business leaders Monday in announcing "workforce agreements" for the project." ---- Do these 'agreements' include a non-taxpayer-funded financial mechanism or is this just some carrot you're holding out to try and guilt the people into paying for Wilf's stadium? If the latter, shame on you Rybak.

irelandguyFeb. 6, 1211:02 AM

To My Fellow Minneapolis Residents and Taxpayers: Mayor Rybak and City Council President Barbara Johnson are trying to violate the City of Minneapolis Charter by proceeding with the Vikings stadium subsidy and an additional subsidy for Target Center without allowing us the referendum to which we're entitled under the Minneapolis City Charter. The relevant provision of our Charter was "voted in" to the Charter in 1997 by approximately 70% of the electorate. It prohibits the City of Minneapolis from spending more than $10 million of our money on facilities for professional sports teams without referendum approval. We are all already paying for our City's very poor track record in large capital projects (the Target Center purchase and the Downtown Convention Center) and large development projects(Block E). Rybak and Johnson are attemepting to skirt the referendum requirement because they know their stadium subsidy scheme will not withstand the scrutiny which would accompany a referendum vote. It's time for Mayor Rybak and Barbara Johnson apologize to us for their shameful behavior in attempting to voilate our collective will as contained in the City of Minneapolis Charter. Please join with me in demanding that both Mayor Rybak and Barbara Johnson resign their offices immediately.


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