For homeowners, street work a financial pothole

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 7, 2012 - 11:35 AM

Edina homeowners cover 100% of the tab, a policy the city's rethinking amid huge bills. Other cities are also weighing the fairest way to pay for rising reconstruction costs.

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citypersonFeb. 5, 12 9:49 PM

This is government corruption at its finest. It is a wonder there has not been violence over this type of behavior. Edina residents in the future Occupy movements?

minnlifeFeb. 5, 12 9:49 PM

EDINA - Every Day I Need Attention

masqueanadieFeb. 5, 1210:01 PM

From the City of Edina web site: "There are many ways to measure tax burden, but only one way to measure a tax bill – look at the actual amount of tax paid by the property tax payer. Edina property tax payers pay a lower relative amount of property taxes compared to other cities" --- Edina likes to trumpet their low tax rate, but part of that is by assessing road reconstruction costs instead of paying for the cost through taxes.

masqueanadieFeb. 5, 1210:05 PM

"Mayor Jim Hovland said, debating the fairness of changing the policy when so many have already paid full price." --- Well speaking of fairness, why is the City of Edina so eager to gift $5,000,000 to Simon Property Group to fix up the Southdale Mall, but so reluctant to use taxes to pay for road reconstruction?

g5thistimeFeb. 5, 1210:08 PM

Where are all of the tax dollars going?? You have the gas tax, property tax, and it sounds like edina has been ripping off their citizens for quite some time.

mnpls1234Feb. 5, 1210:13 PM

How are those low taxes working out for you now?

sbuffalo45Feb. 5, 1210:23 PM

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

jo1glexFeb. 5, 1210:36 PM

In what way is this corrupt? Streets are a city expense. Who pays city expenses? The people who live and work in that city. They've decided to pay lower property taxes in Edina, which means they're going to have to pay for street repair as it comes up rather than build up a fund over time and pay for it out of accumulated tax money. In Minneapolis we pay through the nose in property taxes precisely to build up funds gradually to pay for big expenses like this. I find it much easier to budget doing it this way, just as I do with the Budget Plan with the gas company. You can do it one way or the other. I guess I really don't see the problem here. The streets aren't going to pave themselves, and they aren't going to get paved for free, on somebody else's dime.

BillyHeywoodFeb. 5, 1210:48 PM

Huh, it's expensive to live in Edina. Who'd have thought?

sammymetroFeb. 5, 1210:50 PM

Mayor Hovland thought it might be good to set up a citizen task force led by people with "financial acumen" who could investigate new methods for street funding.. HUH?? I wonder when he ran for the office if it ever occurred to him that he should possess that "financial acumen" thingy? What exactly was he elected for? I guess they need somebody to be in charge of doughnuts at Edina city council meetings.


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