Penn State rally leaves U women empty

  • Article by: RACHEL BLOUNT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 6, 2012 - 6:40 AM

A blistering start didn't lead to a win this time, as the Lady Lions clawed back and won at the wire.

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raymondb62Feb. 5, 12 8:37 PM

As close as this game was, we benefited greatly from PSU's inability to knock down shots in the first half. For a time they were shooting below 20% and we never managed to lift our percentage above 40. We did play some inspired defense for much of the game but it failed us at the end. This team has the talent to be contenders for an NCAA berth but have not lived up to their abilities. Unfortunately we have a really rough rest of the season so I don't expect we'll even be NIT worthy by the end. Too bad.

blue2Feb. 5, 12 9:14 PM

Not a fan of Borton but in this game I think she did pretty good job of coaching. The refereeā€™s were really bad and in a game this close I would say the referees cost us the game, especially the light skinned one. Can I say that and be P.C.? MN Kids looked good today. Very physical game.

InformedOneFeb. 5, 1210:24 PM

This really was a disappointing finish, but this was also an abysmally officiated game. I'm not entirely sure what the final score would have been if the refs had done a better job, but it would likely have differed substantially from the actual final tally. The Gophers did play some solid defense (I forgot that Maggie Lucas was even playing at one point). What impressed me most was that the Gophers actually looked like they are learning how to run an effective motion offense in this game. One of the most frustrating aspects about watching the play of this team over the last few years has been the way the team will swing the ball back and forth around the perimeter while half of the players just stand around. Although they still need to learn how to finish better, the Gophers shredded the Penn State defense on several possessions with (gasp!) all of the players moving and (double gasp!) crisp, aware passing. Kellogg at one point even yelled at Mastey to "cut!" (audible in the cheap seats) when she was just standing around behind the 3 point line. It is getting late in the day to expect a miracle run from this team, but they are improving in a number of areas. Hopefully they can qualify for the WNIT (NCAA is out barring a B1G Tourny title), but I'm looking forward to seeing the games left on their schedule. @Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, @ Penn State and @ Ohio State will give them a great opportunity to show how far they have progressed over last year's model.

TooteeFeb. 6, 12 6:21 AM

Disappointing loss and one of the most physical games I've seen in a long time. Penn St. threw so many elbows right in front of the refs with no calls. And like others said, the officiating was bad. Very bad. But, PSU found a way to win at the end I guess. Glad to see Borton finally woke up and starting using Dvorak. Her coaching is a bit questionable this season if you ask me.

olcoach73Feb. 6, 1211:04 AM

Too far away from what's really happening with this team so esp. appreciate Raymond's and Informed One's insights. They seem fairly balanced in their praise and criticisms. Just like to see the student-athletes and their coaches keep busting their butts out there. As in life, that's all any of us can do. Oops, sorry about that last trite comment but it's what life looks like from the far side of 75.

raymondb62Feb. 6, 1211:07 AM

I, too, was impressed with the strides that Dvorak has made with her defensive aide. She moves her feet much better and doesn't get as lost on switches as she used to. Also, she sets a mean pick for the pick and roll. There were a few times that we got some easy looks by using her big body as a sheild. Now if she just learns the old "McCarville death pick" to level pesky ball hawks who like to harrass our ball-handlers!

hans2515Feb. 6, 1212:56 PM

I hope the new AD that comes in send a message that winning is the #1 priority no matter what sport it is. Its time for a change as this coach has done nothing since taking over. The 1 team was good cause the team was handed to her.

theinfernoFeb. 6, 12 2:52 PM

Pam B. has limited ability to coach and I've seen these fourth quarter collapses far to often from her. Tubby and Pam, what a pair.

alansonFeb. 6, 12 3:33 PM

Rachel Banham plays with great confidence - more than can be said for the rest of team. Pam Borton's coaching style imparts a palpable sense of tension that appears to harm the poise of her players. I hope this doesn't rub off on Rachel.

mnnumber1Feb. 6, 12 6:32 PM

Oh GOOD GRIEF! I sat in front row for this game, and we had a LOT of dubious/wink-wink calls go our way! Too bad readers can't be like our women and accept a tough loss gracefully.


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