Vikings stadium plan near Dome now on fast track

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2012 - 9:00 AM

A plan to "go live" in 2016 would reduce the number of games the Vikings would need to play at the University of Minnesota.

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drudgemonkeyFeb. 4, 1210:32 PM

UMMM..the cost of moving MN's internet hub and asupporting Xcel Energy HOW MUCH? And how long do 5M people in MN need to go without internet access to accomodate construction plans? Minor details......

pelicanpoopFeb. 4, 1211:01 PM

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday the league, which currently has 32 teams, will likely add two franchises if Los Angeles gets a team. Goodell said the league “doesn’t want to move any of our teams” and “we probably don’t want to go to 33” if the NFL decides expansion is a good choice. This is excellent news, and it takes the pressure off the state of Minnesota so we don't have to rush to build the wrong stadium which would have to be paid for by the least able taxpayers! The building should only be paid for by those that directly benefit... no Wilffare!

bluedevil101Feb. 4, 1211:10 PM

I'm hoping to file and environmental impact request before any stadium is built. What will the impact be for the next 20 years to any site and site plans? Let's get this matter into the review process--hopefully for several years if the legislature approves it.

drudgemonkeyFeb. 4, 1211:10 PM

It's worth mentioning that Goodell did not rule out a move, and indeed, his NFL rep coming to MN made it clear just a month ago that an "stalemate" opened up the MN situation to outside bidders. LA "ain't" the only game "in town". And besides: if a new stadium is going to cost $1.5B three years out due to increased interest rates and construction costs, the net effect is the same. Nothing gets funded, because costs have risen dramatically, resulting in a Vikings move.

bl24601Feb. 4, 1211:48 PM

Interesting PR strategy. Now all the emphasis is on where it's going to be. The decision which has already been made as to who us paying for this Wylffare (us) is conveniently downplayed.

goldenmplsFeb. 4, 1211:56 PM

They want to build a $19 million dollar parking ramp?? What a waste. Wouldn't the linden hills site be better - there are already three huge parking ramps there - ramps A, B and C - which are used for Target Field and Target Center - simply amazing they are considering this site.

StarquestFeb. 5, 1212:03 AM

Interesting commentary from Goodell. I'm surprised he would show his cards like that. He's flat-out saying they don't want to move any teams. That ought to totally take this fabricated pressure off the state of Minnesota. We don't need to build these clowns a stadium. We never needed to.

hauts81Feb. 5, 1212:03 AM

what's the point of arguing about the clause in the Dome lease? L.A. is off the table for 2012. where else are the Vikings gonna play?

northstars91Feb. 5, 1212:05 AM

This location is hardly anything to get excited about. If you are going to spend all this money then please do it right, make sure you build the stadium in the best possible location, period! Don't just put it anywhere just for the sake of getting it done... Do we really need to build another parking ramp when we already have so many down by Target Center and Target Field?

treddleFeb. 5, 12 1:13 AM

The state has to maximize the effect of each and every taxpayer dollar. Where in our state is unemployment the highest and gov't entitlement programs the largest employers? The Arrowhead region. The temporary construction jobs and the couple dozen year round part time jobs the stadium would generate will have a far greater effect on the smaller Duluth economy. There is not enough hotel, restaurant, and bar capacity in Duluth so the Stadium would generate private investment in that segment. The downtown business association said the Metro dome never generated a single job or spurred private investment and a new downtown stadium would not either. There is already ample capacity for the 8 to 10 NFL games. The land on the port is already gov't owned and what little more would be needed could be obtained far less expensively than any of the proposed sites in the Metro Area. The gov't would generate more jobs through expansion of I35 and passenger rail. Our partners at the Grand Casino and Black Bear would be happy to pay an annual tax or fee to ensure off ramps and rail stops would be near their facilities. The Duluth Airport would need upgrades. The Army Corps could develop the port for a public marina. This is the type of vision that is lacking from the state republicans and the democrats.


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