Patrick Reusse: Too much 'me' in the college game

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 6, 2012 - 1:37 AM

An old hand at college coaching says that these days, players are all about dunks and three-pointers.

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BallFourFeb. 4, 12 9:54 PM

Why would college emulate the NBA, the worst of all the pro sports' leagues?

lindy_frank123Feb. 4, 1210:58 PM

Why would they indeed? But they are. Way too much me is right. Pass it off and milk the clock to much in a hurry to get the 3 off.

ronf528Feb. 4, 1211:29 PM

It's really a shame to see this tearing down the college game. I used to love the NBA until Larry Bird retired. He seemed to be the last guy who knew how to pass. Now the college game has lost it's luster. You watch a team call a timeout and the coach spends several commercials-worth of time going over the play he wants, then a guy goes out and immediately jacks up a 3 with 20 seconds left. The intelligence of the game is nonexistent at both levels.

blasphemerFeb. 5, 1212:15 AM

I never did like the NBA and college pretty much sucks now. Make the dunk one point, call travelling and palming...then I'll take some interest again.

paddy691944Feb. 5, 12 8:42 AM

basketball has simply forgotten the rules. traveling is commonplace.... big guys inside banging each other around and no call. it's evolved into thugs beating up on each other

philgorngieFeb. 5, 12 8:47 AM

The 3 point shot and the dunk have ruined college basketball.I remember when the Gophers would score 85-100 nearly every game. The 3 pointer is a low percentage shot-too many misses. The floater they shoot now means lots of misses from point blank range. Wooden had it right. The dunk is worthless-other than to make the espn highlights. Boring!!

bassillFeb. 5, 12 8:47 AM

the problem is the players are trying to impress the fans instead of helping the team they think if they make a couple of incredible shots every game they will get noticed and drafted.

vlombardyFeb. 5, 12 9:18 AM

How can you not like Rick Majerus? Good article.

kindaliberalFeb. 5, 12 9:33 AM

Me, me, me is worse at the high school level. That's why they get to college and few even know the fundamentals, few can shoot the ball with anyone close to them. Great athletic ability to dunk but many can't dribble, pass, or shoot. It's why Joseph and White are not Gophers, two me me's if there ever was.

stadium4UFeb. 5, 1210:13 AM

As always Reusse is the master of what is obvious to everyone. I wonder if he ready this interview somewhere or if Majerus actually spoke with Reusse. If so, why? Anyways, the solution offered at the end of this article is placebo - meaningless. These kids and their coaches are both just hoping something great happens in college that will get them a big pro contract, so stop wondering why the pro game is such an influence.


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