Doctors who err escape penalties

  • Article by: GLENN HOWATT and RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2012 - 12:12 PM

Dozens have benefited from the state's policy favoring remedy over punishment.

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goferfanzFeb. 4, 1211:05 PM

Interesting story, but the backstory is far more complex. First, it seems to mainly focus on one practitioner, so not really a plethora of offensive doctors are highlighted...... Second, MN publishes deaths from hospital errors annually--and despite the beloved media story about "To Err is human" study claiming 100,000 deaths/yr--MN data if extrapolated nationally suggests it is probably less than 1,000/yr..... Third, far more harm is done by defensive medicine than anything else-->ie 1 million needless Csections annually, overuse of antibiotics, the Accord study showing aggressive diabetic care had more deaths, the end, patients are wise to do two simple things-->ask around for reliable doctors, and dont accept any surgical procedure or new Rx without an open discuss of the risks vs benefits. And believe it or not, one can still go to a DA/criminal court to ask for justice, yet in medmal, like priest abuse, the "victims" seem solely focused on civil courts. Hmmmm, what is the draw to civil court :oD $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ America is a country in decline.

jerryaldiniFeb. 4, 1211:07 PM

The Minnesota Board of Medical Mal-Practice & Offender Protection

wildfoxFeb. 4, 1211:17 PM

There is a reason that practicing physicians have so many errors. THEY ARE PRACTICING ON YOU! Medicine is a science and a guessing game at best. The favorite line MD's use is "the benefits out weigh the risks". If you hear that run. Modern day medicine is controlled by drug companies. They gerrymander normal lab values so more of their drugs will be sold. Most MD's fall in step with what ever "new research" comes out and don't use common sense. MD's say the same things to every patient. Medicine has become a one size fits all profit making business.

wildfoxFeb. 4, 1211:19 PM

If you go to a doctor for elective procedures that are not necessary, you deserve what you get.

jcinbpFeb. 4, 1211:20 PM

DUH!!! This is why health care costs are so high! The AMA isn't ejecting incompetent physicians and malpractice costs are sky high. We've got the fox guarding the hen house

pablopayneFeb. 4, 1211:55 PM

Robert leach needs to be removed immediately!!

jeffkvb1Feb. 4, 1211:59 PM

And people complain about teachers.

goferfanzFeb. 5, 1212:14 AM

"""The AMA isn't ejecting incompetent physicians"""......People join the AMA, it's not a supervisory group, and AMA membership is dwindling so they beg for members. I think wildfox meant to say medicine is an art, but the BMP has an impossible task based upon valid scientific data. Tort pressure means OB's do way too many Csections, which have much higher complications that NSVD. Does the BMP suspend all OB doctors??? 14,000 Americans die every year, aka 40 per day, from side effects or misuse of their valid, yes valid, narcotic Rx's the patient has received. That obviously violates the "do no harm" tenet, so do the state BMP's suspend 14000 doctors per year??? Look at the action list = many are for narcotic Rx issues. The decades have taught me one thing-->it's a tough job, and unlike a teacher or accountant, people can die if the doc has a "bad decision" day. Conversely, people think nothing of buying ibuprofen OTC and over 10,000 people die per year of bleeding ulcers from ibuprofen products. I guess life is dangerous...............

toco28Feb. 5, 1212:36 AM

The medical profession is failing us. It has failed in its tasks to disseminate good information about health, quash misconceptions, fight corporations and health lobbies that keep people sick, and prevent high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, particularly in low-income populations. What do we do about this?

gwbuddyFeb. 5, 1212:57 AM

Medical Doctors, or MDs, are only people. Just like you and me. And ALL people make mistakes or errors. I've learned to avoid anyone who is either unable, or unwilling, to accept responsibility for their own mistakes. They're only demonstrating that they are not sure of themselves. In the case of MDs, they probably shouldn't be practicing medicine. I always ask if an MD will accept responsibility for something, and if the answer is NO, then I walk out the door. People can also do their own Internet research on: Procedures, Drugs, Costs, Insurance, etc. I can't believe the number of "Surprises" when I ask MDs about these things. Like dangerous "side effects" of commonly prescribed drugs. I determine for myself if the "Benefits" really do outweight the "Risks". Of everything that Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, etc. tell me about.


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