Unused Wi-Fi costs Minneapolis millions

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 3, 2012 - 11:05 PM

The city uses only a small portion of the Wi-Fi services that it's paying for.

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jhb8426Feb. 3, 1211:04 PM

Let's see, first we have the Target Center albatross, now the overpriced, underused Wi-Fi. Why are these guys still in office?

stryper1961Feb. 3, 1211:06 PM

more millions wasted by our city council and people in mangement....they are consistent in their bungling and wasting the taxpayers money......when will it stop?

StarquestFeb. 3, 1211:19 PM

How about buses? Get those buses tracked on wifi so people can use smartphones to locate the next bus. Chicago has done this for years!

mnvet09Feb. 3, 1211:26 PM

Wow, I am completely shocked. Minneapolis wasting money, that just doesn't seem like the that would even make the news now. Just think of all that money that could have been spent on bike lanes or some other bike related idea.

rarmstrongFeb. 3, 1211:46 PM

Government doesn't know how to do business. That's because when government plans fail, no government employees get laid off, they all still get paid.

sfod93Feb. 4, 1212:06 AM

At least we have a bike and pedestrian coordinator! Whew!

DufferHFeb. 4, 1212:22 AM

This city government has just become a laugh riot over the past several years. Just one point in this story of incompetence: "For example, we thought we could transfer cellphones over to wireless technology. That technology does not exist," City Council member Schiff. Brilliant! Making an expensive assumption on technology that doesn't exist. When are the residents of this city going to wake up and put some adults in charge?

maddyinmplsFeb. 4, 1212:55 AM

Calling RT Rybak. Where are you on the Obama campaign trail? Come back to the city that pays your salary and fix this. You are worse than Pawlenty. Either be a mayor of be an Obama campaigner. You cannot do both.

rdFeb. 4, 1212:59 AM

Starquest - Apparently you haven't used public transit in a couple of years, as MetroTransit has provided online and telephone tracking for buses for several years now. In addition, along several routes through downtown (Marquette and Second Ave, for example) they provide real time data on digital signs.

johnnygaloreFeb. 4, 12 1:01 AM

OMG, whatever or whomever told the city to go through USI should be jailed! For the cost of what the city has paid for "bandwidth" so far, they could have EASILY and for a FRACTION OF THE COST deployed their own network, city wide, CITY HALL INCLUDED, and not had to contract out. How shameful of USI. Are they in it for the dollar? Why can't private business not be the lowest common denominator for once and actually be in it to make Minneapolis a better place, a great place...the place it truly is!? END THIS CONTRACT NOW! USI FOR SHAME! Corporate America would not be our bain if they actually chipped in to help make America what it is they spend so much on marketing trying to convince us it could be.


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