High levels of mercury found in North Shore babies

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 2, 2012 - 11:04 PM

Blood samples showed surprisingly elevated concentrations.

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ldinmnFeb. 2, 1210:07 PM

Coal fired power plants spew mercury into the environment.

martiankingFeb. 2, 1210:35 PM

Mercury, huh? Well, as long as we don't interfere with the free market system and try and regulate possible sources of mercury, then don't worry about it. It's somebody else's problem, not mine. I stick my head in the ground and vote Republican. Not. Welcome to the world we created people.

jtkwiatekFeb. 2, 1210:39 PM

Who needs those pesky regulations ?

salemhillsFeb. 2, 1211:02 PM

Just get rid of the EPA, and we won't have these sort sof studies to worry about. All will be well.

docinmnFeb. 2, 1211:08 PM

The EPA new regs passed by the Democrats in 2008, required CFL bulbs to "save" energy but the warning label says that if you break a flouresecent bulb to contact a HAZMAT team, cut the carpet out, seal and bag and DO NOT vacume it up. The mercury in one bulb is about 11 times the amount allowed from eating fish every day. So why now is the state worried about raised levels without addressing the terrible EPA regs on light bulbs? Another forced risk from the EPA for mileage is to use electric batteries, strip mined rare earth metals from Canada and what about the rare silicon sand shipped by tankers to China to be mixed and used in making solar panels? Such hypocrisy from liberal over control agendas is troublesome.

docinmnFeb. 2, 1211:10 PM

Coal fired power plants spew mercury into the environment. But coal plants create the electricity to recharge our subsidized Chevy Volt cars, which recent test showed a range of just 25 miles per 12 hr charge..a little wasteful and spewing more mercury from plants to run these death trap cars?

hardciderFeb. 3, 12 1:03 AM

Conservatives make a big deal about the mercury in CFL bulbs, some facts: " The USA emits 103 metric tons of mercury each year, more than half of that from coal-fired power plants. If ALL of the CFL lightbulbs manufactured in a year were improperly disposed of by throwing them into landfills rather than being properly recycled, and ALL of the mercury they contain was released into the environment, it would increase the USA's anthropogenic mercury emissions by one-tenth of one percent." "Over its rated operating lifetime, compared to an incandescent bulb a CFL bulb reduces mercury emissions from electricity generation by TEN TIMES the amount of mercury that would be released from the bulb if it broke or was improperly disposed of in a landfill." If a CFL bulb breaks in your home: "If you do a common sense job of cleaning up (open the windows, clean up, and remove the debris), then your mercury exposure would be the equivalent of taking a tiny nibble of tuna, according to Francis Rubinstein, a staff scientist at Berkeley Lab. What if you did the worst job possible, say closed all the doors and smashed the bulb with a hammer? It's still no big deal, says Rubinstein, who points out that it would be the equivalent of eating one can of tuna."

toolman28Feb. 3, 12 3:31 AM

docinmn , Your first PC used DOS , should you base all PC's on the fact the first one could - well do practicly nothing ?

thesealFeb. 3, 12 6:14 AM

If we're going to make it all about politics we have to concede that conservatives will win this one. They will fight harder to keep the coal fired power plants open. Their future political base depends on it.

comment1000Feb. 3, 12 6:37 AM

We may not all agree on climate change, but I think we will all (99% of us) agree mercury in babies needs to be solved. And it will be solved. I predict little resistance or criticism of this study from any political party or candidates.


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