Minneapolis police overtime costs plummet

  • Article by: MATT McKINNEY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 3, 2012 - 6:54 AM

The 2011 overtime bill came in $2.5 million under budget.

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censormaxxFeb. 2, 1210:55 PM

Overtime is mostly a game that public sector union types play to juice up their pensions (via the High Five). Nothing short of criminal

sharkysharkFeb. 2, 1211:26 PM

Time to cut the budget by $2.5 million for next year. There's no reason for overtime, the private sector doesn't need it.

hoimangggFeb. 3, 12 2:08 AM

Yeah, law enforcement. Watch the clock and punch out when you are supposed to. Don't linger at crime scenes collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, pursuing suspects! Seriously? No need for overtime for police departments because the guy stocking shelves can get his job done in eight hours? Unbelievable.

starboy123Feb. 3, 12 5:36 AM

Great news...of course it took Dolan 5 years to do this. Can't wait for the next five years, perhaps complaints will drop 2 percent as well.

wildhorse1Feb. 3, 12 6:43 AM

Who do you call when you're in trouble, the 'guy stocking shelves'? Usually overtime is on weekends, nights or after an already long shift. Many officers don't even want it, but are forced to come in on their days off for special duty assignments, court, shift shortages, etc. Shoudl they do this for free? Whne was the last time you ever gave anything away?

godiveFeb. 3, 12 6:52 AM

Really Chief Scott Gerlicher? as long as it only affects taxpayers that is ok but when you have to cut your own folks then it is an issue?

twelveuhohonFeb. 3, 12 7:36 AM

What is being done to exclude "overtime" from calculation of "high five" retirement benefits????

hazzzeFeb. 3, 12 7:36 AM

Trying to get a bigger piece of the pie by abusing the system. Just like the wall street bankers we've crucified. Except this is more repulsive because these are supposedly the honest people upholding the law...they are no better, their pie is just much smaller is all.

thunderFeb. 3, 12 7:48 AM

Just a couple of observations.....people are upset because only the public sector gets overtime. Really!?! No overtime in private work? There is actually little opportunity in government work outside public safety such as police, fire and corrections. I am for trimming OT but when I get into an accident, I don't want the trooper leaving to punch out. I would prefer that prisons are staffed too. If you don't like OT pay being used in high 5 calculations, contact your legislators. Only a change in the pension laws can fix that. People should be involved in their governments but most are not. Local government has done a good job of looking at costs and controlling spending.

hazzzeFeb. 3, 12 8:12 AM

@thunder - I agree with you, they need to do their job right. But this isn't about an extra hour here - extra hour there. This is a 7 MILLION dollar difference...in just two years!! And it happens to be right after the consequence of having to lay off co-workers. Its crazy to not conclude they were abusing it.


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