Birth control benefit rule riles Minnesota's Catholic bishops

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 1, 2012 - 10:19 PM

Minnesota bishops ask parishioners to demand changes in new federal health care mandate.

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jarlmnFeb. 1, 1210:18 PM

When churches start paying their fair share of taxes, *then* they can complain about public policy.

ThieleFeb. 1, 1210:28 PM

Wow. They will defend patriarchal oppression to no end!

endothermFeb. 1, 1210:40 PM

If Catholic bishops don't want to use birth control, then they don't have to use it. It should be a matter of personal conscience. Bishops and priests have chosen to follow certain teachings. Secular and non-Catholic employees and students have not. What is at issue here is whether or not a religious organization gets to force other people to accept its version of health insurance. I side with the government on this one. The Church markets itself to non-Catholic students and the general public through its schools and hospitals. If they pay the required co-pays, these people should have access to basic preventive care. Religious groups should be respected, but they should not be allowed to impose special religious health care on people outside of their faith community. Imagine a different religious group decided cancer was a gift from God. Should they be allowed to deny cancer screening and treatment to a college student or an employee?

ironman1Feb. 1, 1211:12 PM

I really don't care what the catholic bishops want. They DO not set public policy for all people that they come in contact with.

crash1Feb. 1, 1211:35 PM

Religious groups should be respected, but they should not be allowed to impose special religious health care on people outside of their faith community.....Well said. Observant Catholics will respect the teachings of their Church, and thus, not use the benefits. However, in a secular nation, no church or faith gets to restrict the rights of the people.

jmann972Feb. 1, 1211:38 PM

It is just sad how these cultists try and force their twisted view that women are incapable of making choices for themselves, and it is just sickening for those of us who don't buy into their hocus pocus fairytales.

elmore1Feb. 1, 1211:38 PM

Separation of church and state...

joshgerberFeb. 1, 1211:52 PM

I agree with jarmin....when the start paying taxes then they can complain about how terrible government is, no taxes = no complaining

fuzzy48Feb. 1, 1211:54 PM

"The government has entered the sanctuary," said Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman for the Conference of Catholic Bishops. - The Catholic church has decided to enter full-force into the political arena. You can't have your cake and eat it too

CatherienaFeb. 1, 1211:58 PM

First off, Churches don't pay taxes, because the people in them already HAVE! Second, last time i checked, killing future tax payers for a better quality of life for yourself, is not only illogical but plane selfish and immoral. To claim Promiscuity and stopping the species from procreating is "good" for our species is stupidity. Our population pyramid is 65% OLD vs 35% young. That is a SERIOUS PROBLEM. We must stop killing the future, or the old will be killed in great numbers. Does anyone understand Newtonian Law at all? Equal but opposite reaction fools!


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