Minnesota takes turn in the GOP spotlight

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 2, 2012 - 6:27 AM

Hard-fought Republican presidential battle, less crowded calendar draw the candidates.

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MaxpayneFeb. 1, 1210:45 PM

Great, Here Come the Ads! Remind me not to watch television until after Tuesday...

radseniorFeb. 1, 1211:23 PM

Romney should remember it ain't over till it's over. Romney has set his eyes on the presidency while not attaining the nomination. Maybe taken out of context or not, the damage has been done, as it took too long for Romney to get the correction out. Romney's win in Florida has definitely been overshadowed by this one gaffe. Further exasperating his candidacy is his 13.% effective taxes on his $21.7 million in 2010. compared to the average Joe's earnings of less than $50,000.00. An even worse situation is the unbalanced and unequal tax code allowing Social Security taxes up to an annual wage maximum ($106,800 in 2010) for Social Security and a tax of 1.45% of all wages for Medicare. That is wage maximum and excludes all other sources of income. The average wage earner will not make more than that. That fault belongs to the Congress, which under the control of the TEA-GOP-Republican has held the line on raising taxes on the super-rich. The current 112th Congress has passed more anti-abortion legislation than jobs production legislation. Where are the jobs they promised in 2010?

steavis61067Feb. 2, 1212:41 AM

@radsenior - "The average wage earner will not make more than that. That fault belongs to the Congress, which under the control of the TEA-GOP-Republican has held the line on raising taxes on the super-rich" ..................... So, you're saying the two years Obama had BOTH the senate and the house are the fault of rebublicans and/or TEA party? LOL! The TEA party figures weren't elected until AFTER Obama had two years of total control. Obama could have passed anything he wanted with a super-majority in the senate(unable to filibuster). Even JON STEWART agreed with that assessment! Obama still has the senate and the oval office, so that's still 2 out of 3! Try another excuse!

endothermFeb. 2, 1212:47 AM

And how exactly is Mitt Romney going to create these jobs? His life at Bain Capital gave him a great deal of experience downsizing companies and costing American workers their jobs, but he really has no plan for creating jobs other than gutting environmental protections and giving the very rich even bigger tax cuts in the (fantasy) hope that they will create tons of jobs. Romney's America is a place where the very rich live like kings while the rest of us struggle to afford even basic things such as education and health care. We have already gone too far down this road. Let's not make things worse by letting Romney into the White House.

getoutofhereFeb. 2, 12 1:42 AM

The highlight for me of the electronic media coverage of the Romney event was seeing R.T. Rybak standing on the curb outside the event site ridiculing Republicans for mismanagement.

jlyatesFeb. 2, 12 2:37 AM

Mitt Romney cannot beat Obama. He's the Republican Jon Kerry. He lost to McCain who lost to Obama. No core, the quintessential flip-flopper. Although you may not like Newt Gingrich personally, he has the credentials, the experience to turn this country around. This country is not a business-government does not create jobs, it just creates an atmosphere where jobs can be created. It's going to take someone with the former Speaker's experience-he knows where the skeletons are hidden-to shake up the status quo.

jessy09Feb. 2, 12 7:30 AM

Pawlenty has even less personal magnetism than Romney - didn't think that was possible.

dejudgeFeb. 2, 12 7:36 AM

All these Republican candidates will create good jobs. The only trouble is you will have to move to China to get one.

ticknoFeb. 2, 12 7:50 AM

Who ever wins the nomination won't have a chance in Minnesota anyway thanks to the Minnesota GOP. And that's a good thing.

gener7Feb. 2, 12 7:55 AM

Between the nice weather and the political ads we'll have over the next week, it looks like a good time to turn off the TV.


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