Electronic pulltabs gain favor for stadium

  • Updated: January 31, 2012 - 10:33 PM

New revenue estimate that grew by $32 million is key.

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asmithe2Jan. 31, 1211:37 PM

I am sure that my local youth hockey team would do without the jerseys and other equipment that pull tab sales currently allow them to purchase if it meant that a billionaire could get a stadium that will be used ten times a year a little bit cheaper.

opticonFeb. 1, 1212:49 AM

isn't it odd that the state is concerned about footing their part of the bill without any mention of local taxes? Seems the state politicians care more about billionaires than the hard working voters that put them in office...

smithjoannemFeb. 1, 12 1:32 AM

There has always been concern that those who are really fans of the Vikings should be the ones who pay for the stadium. Why not make betting on the Vikings legal on a state level? Before the season starts, we could bet on whether they will have a winning season. We could bet on whether they will go to the Super Bowl or beat Green Bay. We could take the quarterback situation to whole new levels. The betting machine could be open right till the opening kickoff. And we could bet on whether the snow and cold will make the surface unplayable or cause dropped balls. It's a winner!

dawn58Feb. 1, 12 4:17 AM

The Minnesota politicians don't get it. Just build the casino on Block E to finance alot of Minnesota projects including new stadium. It will get people from conventions and sporting events when they come downtown plus it will build DT back up. I have worked DT for 35 years and back in the 80's and 90's it was a fun place to come for drinks and food. Otherwise, get money from current casinos like all of the other states. Wisconsin gets 15% each year from Indian casinos and some states get all the money. What is wrong Minnesota???

elkiddFeb. 1, 12 5:17 AM

sure this will work and remember when they use to say "if we just had the lotto our taxes would go down" hmmmmm

RossbergFeb. 1, 12 5:39 AM

Sales of pulltabs have been declining for years. What has been the effect of going to electronic pulltabs in other states? Have their sales doubled or more for an extended period? If so, have their other gambling revenues such as lottery ticket sales declined? There is only so much money people have available to spend on gambling and we've known for some time that we're at its saturation point which is the main reason why the tribes have reacted so negatively to Racinos and casinos. In order for this to work it assumes that the sales would be to new pulltab players who don't currently gamble and to those who have a willingness to double or triple their purchases without decreasing their spending on other forms of gambling, both highly questionable assumptions. This choice seems to be attractive more for its lack of resistance by the tribes than for its ability to generate revenue. Keep in mind that the ones proposing this are the same ones who assured us a year ago that a stadium could be almost entirely funded with memorabilia taxes.

skabordioFeb. 1, 12 5:53 AM

asmithe2: You NAILED it! This idea is preposterous!

acctsah2Feb. 1, 12 5:54 AM

No problem with pull tabs, its not my tax dollars. What I did find interesting is the Target Center and Xcel need subsidies to continue to operate? I thought publicly financed stadiums/arenas were economic giants, with all the revenue they generate, taxes paid, construction jobs......that's what I keep hearing from the purple faced among us.

ellison2782Feb. 1, 12 5:58 AM

"Tax relief for the charitable gambling industry" Huh????

cmdrdataFeb. 1, 12 6:31 AM

The history of using public dollars to fund sports facilities is not a good one. In many cases the funding sources do not provide enough money to pay off the bonds. Hamilton County Ohio (Cincinnati) raised its sales tax in 1996 to pay for two new stadia. Only one year since 1996 has it produced the revenue that was needed. It was reported last week that the TIF that was put in place to fund a new basketball arena is less than what is needed to pay off the bonds. What will happen if the electronic pull tabs don't bring in the money that is being estimated?


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