Should the government tell farmers how to do their jobs?

  • Article by: LARRY LIEPOLD
  • Updated: January 31, 2012 - 8:17 PM

Working on animal welfare is one thing. Codifying it is another.

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hrearden57Jan. 31, 12 8:05 PM

America was the country of limmited government. Was.

northcoasterJan. 31, 12 8:19 PM

Me thinks Mr. Liepold doth protest too much. Tell you what, you stop using antibiotics to keep animals from getting sick in confinement operations and we'll think about not telling you how much space they need. But as long as you're squandering medicines to ramp up your production to keep prices low, you're putting all consumers at risk for new and improved food borne illnesses and it's just a matter of time before manure hits the fan. Remember the millions of eggs recalled last year for salmonella? You guys are really something.

theshadoughJan. 31, 12 8:21 PM

This is such a great commentary, but liberals will never be able to understand the math. Facts don't matter. Science doesn't matter. They are the party of no. The only things that liberals understand are emotions.

rarmstrongJan. 31, 1210:42 PM

When people do not govern themselves, they get governed by others.

davehougJan. 31, 1210:50 PM

Name a limit today on government. We were all taught the founding fathers believed in limited government. What ammendment changed that?

owatonnabillFeb. 1, 12 5:39 AM

I think this is a self-regulating issue. Farmers know what it takes to produce large, healthy specimens for market. Their livelihoods depend on it. If instead their practices are instead producing emaciated critters one-half the weight (and hence market value) of what the farmer next door is producing--well, get with the program or get out of the business. Just another example of government trying to justify its existence.

kesummFeb. 1, 12 5:39 AM

Farmer Larry: I will make you a deal. The government butts out of your affairs as you desire. You run your business as you see fit. Oh, did I also mention that all those price supports and ag subsidies also go away? I'm reminded of a farm near where I hunt: The guy has his cows wallowing in a trout stream, not a bit of vegetation on any bank and choking silt all the way to the stream end. He is a rugged individualist for sure, nobody is going to tell him anything. He also should not get one penny of tax dollars to subsidize his land raping. He currently gets thousands...

stplooklistnFeb. 1, 12 6:29 AM

What? There are already many limits, mostly of the consumer protection type on food producers. Just put up a picture of those chickens that can't move in their cages or the overcrowding in those "family farm" buildings and don't worry about production dips, people won't want to eat that product anyway.

BigPeteFeb. 1, 12 6:39 AM

As long as farmers receive subsidies the government will own them. Quit taking the money or quit whinning

chuckdancerFeb. 1, 12 7:24 AM

Larry's message: it is all about the bottomline.


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