Editorial: Strengthen state's anti-bullying law

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  • Updated: January 31, 2012 - 7:42 PM

Measure would help provide more protection for students.

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theshadoughJan. 31, 12 8:58 PM

Is the strib required to run one of these ridiculous anti-bullying stories every week? Libs claim that the death penalty does not deter murder so why do they think an anti-bullying bill will deter bullies?

goferfanzJan. 31, 1210:25 PM

Yes, and let's add that AHS has been "under scrutiny" for student suicides by guilt-ridden parents/family members/activists trying to deflect from their own failings for the deceased children. While the school district makes an easy target, there has been no proof school bullying played a role in any of the AHS deaths. Good journalism would clarify that simple fact.

mike06597Jan. 31, 1211:02 PM

Teach kids the old axiom- sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Toughen up.

Willy53Feb. 1, 12 6:47 AM

The new anti-bullying legislation, "modeled after anti-bullying statutes from more conservative states" will fail if passed. Conservatives will make sure that persecution of gays will continue and not be punished. They will continue to pass on their awful legacy of bigotry and homosexual harrasement to their children. Look to states with statutes with teeth, that specifically address minorities and lifestyles that invite intolerance and ridicule while suggesting what actions to take to prevent them. Unless the statutes are more specific they will be worthless and up to interpretation. Count this as a victory for the intolerance of Bachmann and anti-marriage advocates that disgraces our entire state.

mn_cameraFeb. 1, 12 7:20 AM

I see the advocates for bullying are already appearing. What's wrong with people? Who can possibly think there's anything right about bullying anyone? And who can possibly think there's something wrong with putting and end to it?

irelandguyFeb. 1, 12 7:47 AM

It's interesting that the StarTribune's editorial poicy seems to be fully supportive of Mr. Wilf's bullying of Minnesota taxpayers.

gcrileyFeb. 1, 12 8:14 AM

mn_camera Feb. 1, 12 7:20 AM I see the advocates for bullying are already appearing. What's wrong with people? Who can possibly think there's anything right about bullying anyone? And who can possibly think there's something wrong with putting and end to it? ---- Now you know were the kids get it from.

swoda1Feb. 1, 12 9:01 AM

When we were kids, the bullying stopped when we left the playground. Today's kids have to deal with bullying 24/7 because they are connected 24/7. The average kid today sends or receives almost 4,000 text messages per month, and they are online 1 in every 4 waking hours. 80% of kids say that they sleep with their mobile phones so that they won't miss any important messages. Here is a collection of excellent articles on the subject of cyberbulling that might be helpful to your readers… http://www.uknowkids.com/blog/category/cyberbullying/ I highly recommend that parents consider using a parental intelligence tool such as uKnowKids (http://www.uknowkids.com). Parental intelligence tools are designed to help parents keep their kids safe from bad guys and bullies online and on the mobile phone by enabling parents to stay actively engaged in their kids' digital world. uKnowKids has a free version of its service, and so parents can try out the parental intelligence tools for free. Full disclosure... I am the CEO of uKnow.com... the company that powers uKnowKids. I hope this is helpful to your readers. Stay safe everyone!

grumpy42Feb. 1, 12 9:11 AM

mn_camera- IMO there are already laws on the books that address the issue of assault and battery. The existing laws must be enforced, bullying can be an assault or a battery. This bill is just a dressed up bill to involve schools in what is a legal matter. Our schools are failing the students in basic education, even after throwing billions of dollars of our money. Not a good time to enable them to manipulate the social system. If our children are being bullied, call the local police and have a restraining order placed on that individual. If necessary sue the parents of the offenders. If the parents of bullies are hit in the pocketbooks this issue could be diminished.

saxophonistFeb. 1, 12 9:49 AM

I both commented on another story and wrote to my state legislator, but did anyone actually *read* the bill? It doesn't quite do what is being advertised, and in fact, several provisions are likely to cause a lot of unintended harm.


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