Souhan: Kobe show further exposes Wolves' need for a shooting guard

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 30, 2012 - 12:03 PM

Martell Webster appears to be the best option at the moment, but his shooting needs to improve.

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dmulville72Jan. 29, 1210:53 PM

Usually I like your columns Jim, but really, Webster has been back for what 1 or 2 games after how many surgeries? Give him a chance to work back into game shape. He played great for Portland and if healthy, he will solidify the spot here to. Our shooting as a team sucked tonight, not just from the shooting guard spot. I do agree that Wes is looking more and more like a HUGE bust.

manoliveJan. 29, 1211:16 PM

Webster is not the answer. In 7 seasons, he's only played 82 games twice. He's a career 41% shooter, and he averages less than an assist per game, and less than 2 free throws per game. In other words, he's another Wes Johnson, without the length.

belascoJan. 29, 1211:43 PM

Its funny that Souhan declares Webster's 4-15 shooting in the Wolves loss as "the difference" (after only his 2nd game back with virtually no practice), ignoring Rubio's far worse 2-13 night. Funny. Funny, because of how disruptive it would be to the Rubio hype-train to ignore how his appalling shooting % hurts the Wolves. Rubio should shoot only enough to keep 'em honest, but should never take more than 10 shots a game, until he's hitting at LEAST 50%. And Closed-circuit to Metta World Peace: we put a much smaller guard on you because you are a horrible offensive player, and we hoped it would entice you to take (and miss) more shots. Too bad you didn't shoot more, and too bad Souhan's editor didn't notice his article before Souhan was exposed as a novice.

bhdanielsJan. 30, 1212:00 AM

If you look at the stats from the game, it's easy to see that no one in the Wolves' backcourt was hitting their shots tonight. Not point guards. Not shooting guards. The front court did all right. Seems like the Lakers were more than "due" for a win and we happened to catch them on a night when they refused to lose no matter what we threw at them. I mean, to shoot so poorly as a team and still be in this thing at the end? Amazing. Never would have happened last year. And, yeah, we need a better-quality shooting guard. This is news??? Hm. Meanwhile, our guys will continue to improve. Sure, Rick Adelman is getting a lot out of the players, but he is also teaching them to be better players and to play to their strengths, and learning those two things will pay dividends down the road. (Unlike Flip, who had a knack for getting a lot out of some pretty bad Wolves teams but never helped them get better or maximize whatever strengths they may have had.)

Daniel888Jan. 30, 1212:49 AM

They should have put Luke in at the end, and, they should have moved Love to the outside to get some open looks, since he is the best 3 point shooter on the team.

minneg56Jan. 30, 12 7:18 AM

After watching Meta World Peace I gotta' say- he's no World B Free ...

oscarbaumJan. 30, 12 9:34 AM

What's with these Syracuse guys? First Johnny Flynn is a complete bust as the 6th person taken in the draft and then Wes Johnson is quickly becoming the same as the 4th( or 5th?)person in the 2010 draft. Aside from that, if the Wolves would of taken Curry instead of Flynn we wouldn't be having this discussion about shooting guards. Whatever- gotta 'love' the potential of this young team.

malachyJan. 30, 1210:05 AM

darko/pekovic is a solid-if-underwhelming center combo. wes johnson won't fetch anything in a trade right now, and so they're seeing if he can get it together as he's worthless, long-term, on the bench (but may play himself there after the trade deadline). team is obviously committed to love and rubio at pf and point. and webster is fine at shooting guard... but has had two back surgeries in two years, and shouldn't be relied upon for short or long-term needs. if/when all three point guards are healthy, there just won't be enough minutes for them, especially with webster playing at all. so, i'm guessing that ridnour will be packaged with someone (beasely? randolph? pekovic?) for a veteran, shooting guard. and it will probably be as part of a trade-deadline deal where the wolves are the third team involved in a superstar trade (so, not trading or receiving said star player, but taking advantage of the teams involved to get a very good player they otherwise wouldn't obtain).

snoozecruiseJan. 30, 1210:13 AM

While Webster might not be the longterm answer, I agree with dmulville72: Give him some time to show what he's got. Anyone who's played the game at any level knows that when you first come back, shots that normally go in don't. When Ellington has played well, I've noticed that he mixes up his game and attacks the rim as well as shoots from outside. If he can get an early inside basket or get fouled and get to the line,it helps his outside shooting. Nobody's in Kobe's league. I've never been high on Webster, but in all fairness let's give him some time to show what he's got. Players can and do improve, and Webster may be one of these guys. I'm open to being pleasantly surprised. I got a kick out of Peace's comments about who was guarding him. I think the two-point guard scheme can work at times, but not at other times. That's what makes the game and the matchups so interesting. I don't think the Wolves need to do anything right now as far as trading for a 2. Just my opinion. Speaking of my opinion, the Wolves can play with any team in the league, and in the West, I think there are only three or four teams that are clearly better than them. That's HUGE improvement, and they haven't even been healthy yet!

abovethelies2Jan. 30, 1210:18 AM

The T-Wolves are headed in the right direction. This is a team that is still probably 1 1/2 away from really making an 8th or better seed in the Western conference. Yes, they need a shooting guard that MAKES an impact. Give Webster some games to get into shape. He will give the Wolves the best chance for immediate help this year unless they pick up another #2 in a trade. Martell may not be spectacular but he's a solid NBA player that will eventually help this team.


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