Lori Sturdevant: Confirmation threat -- GOP revenge?

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 29, 2012 - 6:13 PM

Partisan tit-for-tat should end.

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drichmnJan. 29, 12 7:03 PM

"Maneuvers like last week's Senate GOP move to lay off 12 to 14 DFL permanent staffers and none of their own only make Minnesota harder to govern. So does axing commissioners for no reason other than policy disagreement." ... they continue to demonstrate they don't deserve to govern.

Lowrie02Jan. 29, 12 8:11 PM

One can only hope the voters will correct what is happening in November!

laughinguyJan. 29, 12 8:29 PM

Tit for tat? Maybe. But if, as Sturdevant suggests, Democrats retaliate at sometime in the future, you can be sure you won't be reading a tear stained, self-pitying piece like this from conservatives. This is just one more example of the left's biggest failure. They're not serious people, and they expect those that are to react favorably when they act like sniveling children.

sawmanJan. 29, 12 9:14 PM

The problem lies on the other side of the isle. They are always wrong on everything! They must be stopped before serious harm is done.

SeaSharkJan. 29, 12 9:37 PM

The Republican majority in the Legislature continues to perform like a Taliban cabal, continuing its scorched earth campaign to poison state government with inept leadership, abusive legislation, and now petty vindictiveness. Ellen Anderson is an intelligent, informed, educated, thoughtful person who sincerely believes that public service is one of the most important and honorable contributions to society that people can make. In short, she possesses all the admirable personal characteristics that MnGOP legislators fear and despise. Anderson is astutely and efficiently managing PUC without any partisan bias or agenda. She has been the agency's chairwoman since March 9, 2011 and of 221 votes taken by the commission between March 31 and December 8, 204 were unanimous. Anderson voted with the majority 215 times and with the minority 6 times, and did not always agree with the other Democrat on the commission. The commission's Republican members have not publicly expressed any objections to Anderson's nonpartisan stewardship, which to date is distinguished by her encyclopedic knowledge of energy and telecommunications issues, attention to fiscal restraint, expert judgement, and a firm determination to rigorously follow the law when reviewing and deciding all commission business. Republican state Senators have abandoned even the pretense of deciding Anderson's PUC fate on the merits of her 10-month job performance, and they are the ones who will be guilty of Neanderthal partisan behavior if they refuse to confirm her. Governor Mark Dayton should respond to the Senate's likely failure to confirm Anderson by waiting until the Legislature adjourns and then reappointing Anderson, who is certain to be confirmed by the 2013 Senate after voters in November restore DFL majorities in the House and Senate.

LakeliverJan. 29, 1210:08 PM

drichman. They govern like mindless lemmings, which is intentionally redundant, just like they are. Talk about idiotic mindthink.

goferfanzJan. 29, 1210:11 PM

Funny how it's the libs who always want the politics to end when they are in the minority. Say, wasnt there also a removal of a certain Lt Governor's position after the bridge collapse--I am thinking I remember some very petty politicking on that as well. Do you remember, Lori? Maybel SeaShark and his taliban comparisons remembers this event, too.

lawyerguyJan. 29, 1211:05 PM

Hmm, I don't recall smiliar complaints from Ms. Sturdevant when the two Pawlenty commissioners were rejected--one for purely political reasons and the other due to, what was the phrase, a "simple policy disagreement."

SeaSharkJan. 30, 12 1:56 AM

gopherfanz: the Senate declined to confirm former Lt. Governor Carol Molnau's appointment as MnDOT commissioner because the 35W Bridge collapsed and crashed into the Mississippi River on her watch, killing 13 people and injuring dozens of other folks. The Senate apparently concluded that the experiment to save money by having Molnau run the transportatioin department was a tragic failure, the public had no confidence in her professional qualifications or ability to run the department, and MnDOT's commish should be an experienced transportation professional. Ellen Anderson, on the other hand, is eminently qualified by intellect, education, and experience to serve as Public Utilities Commission chairwoman. Anderson's 10-month tenure of astute, professional PUC management proves that she can do the job because she IS doing the job with distinction and, judged on the merits of her job performance, deserves to have her appointment confirmed by the Senate.

drfranktJan. 30, 12 5:34 AM

The article was an interesting read, but the comments, so far, are very telling, and what they are telling is...it has been OK for the democrats to use this practice in the past, it will be OK for democrats to use this practice in the future, but republicans better not use it, now! Or, to put it simply, "Do a I say, not as I do"....


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