Zygi Wilf 'optimistic' on stadium at Metrodome site

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: January 26, 2012 - 2:04 PM

But the Vikings owner, who met Dayton and others, isn't giving up on Arden Hills as talks continue.

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BallFourJan. 25, 1210:21 PM

People who care about this team seem to think it's still the era of the Purple People Eaters. This is a below-average franchise, and has been for a long, long time. This franchise is 82-94 since 2001, the start of the millennium. That's a .465 winning percentage. If you mistakenly think the millennium began in 2000, they are still 93-99. Spanning the previous decade 1991-2000, the Vikings were 100-60. That's a .625 winning percentage. 1981-1990? 74-78. So, for the past three-plus decades: 256-232, or .524. This franchise is just 24 games over .500, spanning 32 years. How about since the last Vikings' Super Bowl? 286-260. So, since 1976 season, which led to the team's last Super Bowl, the franchise is 286-260. Think about it. If you go 9-7, that's a .565 winning percentage. The Vikings haven't averaged that in the past 35 seasons. Time to get over the notion this team is worth following.

merkeyJan. 25, 1211:00 PM

They need another Hall of Fame coach and Hall of Fame QB.

glen22222Jan. 25, 1211:04 PM

Why do we care what Zygi thinks? He's a begger and can take what crumbs we throw him. The Metrodome sounds good. He can upgrade to his hearts content or demolish it and build new.

jaxnjonesJan. 25, 1211:23 PM

Come to Los Angeles Zygi. You and the Vikings will be much more appreciated and the teams worth and television dollars will quadruple overnight. Plus the weather here is perfect year round. Season tickets will sell out. People will be excited. And we have private funding for a far better, state of the art facility.

swurzerJan. 25, 1211:45 PM

A $1 billion stadium for Zygi = $500 per household in MN. Line up to pay your $500 Zygi tax now!

SHLJan. 26, 1212:14 AM

All those years, wasted… Last minute? No! Past deadline changes. Minnesota authorities are beyond incompetent.

cmo55Jan. 26, 1212:17 AM

Governor Dayton just happened to be in office when the Vikings lease expired at the Metrodome. His predecessors didn't have to face the prospect of an enormous subsidy to an extremely profitable private enterprise. I believe he just pulled off an enormous political victory for himself, his party and the taxpayers of Minnesota. The Vikings preferred any site but the least expensive. They felt thet were entitled to maximum profits with a minimal investment. It appears our Governor turned the pressure of an expiring lease, league office threats and a limited Legislative session by backing the New Jersey ownership into a dead end they will be unable to escape from. Who would have thought it possible that Mark Dayton would have outsmarted the Wilf's and Roger Goodell? I am impressed.

tmack24Jan. 26, 1212:25 AM

I will bet there will be 150 people responding before this is done. The Dome has a new roof and new turf, if you want outdoor football TCF stadium is right there. You can start complaining now.

fkieferJan. 26, 12 3:08 AM

Ok Ziggy if you want it any Where eles than we Tell You then its simple Bulid it your self your like A homeless Guy that don't want to sleep in the Shelter But wants to sleep in the Hilton

bjflorida28Jan. 26, 12 5:58 AM

Every optomistic comment about the stadium is followed by a "But"


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