Michele Bachmann's national stature remains strong

  • Article by: KIRSTEN DELEGARD
  • Updated: January 24, 2012 - 8:45 PM

She's widely admired as a conservative leader, particularly by women.

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raineyrooJan. 24, 1210:30 PM

Thanks for the laugh, Kirsten. The only people that take Bachmann serious on the national front is FOX-NEWS. That's only because she's good for ratings, not rational thought. I have a coworker who supports her though. She's your typical naive social conservative. You know, the one that gives 10% percent of her check to a Porsche drivin' preacher.

crystalbayJan. 24, 1210:33 PM

This piece of hero-worship is simply stunning! I have many conservative friends & acquaintances and not one of them can tolerate what Bachmann has shown herself to be. Not one. She just may be singularly the most maligned and ridiculed politician in MN. She's a complete embarrassment to this state, a deluded diva, and we all hope that she disappears. It's hard to believe that anyone with a college education would manufacture such a preposterous story as this.

JudelingJan. 24, 1210:42 PM

While I understand your premise I think you are neglecting the other half of the equation. It was not merely the rise of the right due to Goldwater's defeat. It was the sundering of the Old and New Left that occurred four years later in a hotel in California that made that rise possible. The coalition that RFK forged during the '68 campaign was a workable governing one. With his removal the left disintegrated into a collection of special interests without a common thread, leaving the field open for any coherent world view.

pumiceJan. 24, 1211:02 PM

Re: "it is certain that [Rep. Bachmann's] electoral defeat will do little to diminish her influence over national political debates." The retort to that line practically writes itself.... Rep.Bachmann's influence over national political debates???

gop4darkagesJan. 24, 1211:08 PM

"But it is certain that her electoral defeat will do little to diminish her influence over national political debates."

"Influence?" Sort of in the same way as when a skunk appears on the scene and utilizes its special skill, any rational person is "influenced" to flee in an opposite direction as quickly as possible.

goldengophaJan. 24, 1211:22 PM

I'm confused; her enthusiastic reception in St. Paul cements her 'strong national stature'? Somewhere between her campaign flameout--even with an ultraconservative primary electorate--and the St. Paul speech I must have missed something...

goferfanzJan. 25, 12 7:30 AM

I find it odd this puff piece allows comments, but the First Lady puff piece didnt allow comments. Is that odd?

my4centsJan. 25, 12 7:33 AM

Speaking in St. Paul does not say much of anything about her influence nationally. However, those of you who happen to have a conservative "acquaintance" are hardly in a position to know any better than this writer. It may be true that FOX news is the only cable news channel to take her seriously, but it's also true that FOX news blows away all competition for the number of people actually watching. MSNBC might never say anything good about her, but nearly nobody is listening.

privateeyeJan. 25, 12 9:34 AM

Bachmann's detractors run the risk of repeating the mistake liberals made in the wake of Barry Goldwater's 1964 defeat, which many interpreted as a repudiation of his politics. -----never underestimate the fringe elements of the GOP. Regardless of common sense or the good of the country, they will try to brand the nation in their image even if they know it will tear the nation down. Nuclear option? Heck they ARE the nuclear option.

pdxtranJan. 25, 12 9:49 AM

my4cents: Fox News has about 2.5 million viewers per week. That's actually pretty pathetic as a percentage of the total U.S. population, especially considering that Fox is available as a first-tier channel on every cable system and that there are businesses (e.g. the McDonald's in Uptown) that have their TVs permanently tuned to Fox. Meanwhile, the audience of people who are not right-wing ideologues is split among the Big Three channels, PBS, MSNBC, and CNN, and people who don't watch TV news at all but get all their news from written sources.


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