Health care changes: Will state remain gridlocked?

  • Article by: WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 27, 2012 - 7:18 PM

A state insurance exchange, part of the federal law, will be key issue.

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louie73Jan. 22, 12 8:47 PM

latest poll numbers 57% are for repealing the health care law.

minn12Jan. 22, 12 8:54 PM

Why in the world should Minnesota waste time and money on 'exchanges'?? Obamacare is going to be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Not to mention Obama is going to be a one-term president and the next president is going to undo all the damage he's caused.

rjr2205Jan. 22, 12 9:50 PM

Health care cost are out of control. I hear nothing constructive from the GOP relative to addressing the problem except lets resist everything, e.g. insurance exchanges, that might be included in"Obamacare", even if it makes sense and had previous support by many in the GOP. The GOP would sooner send our country further down the economic crapper than do anything constructive for fear that President Obama "might" be given any credit!! That kind of thnking is why former independent voters like me will no longer vote for any Republican!! GOP=obstructionism=do nothing constructive for the USA

tooty123Jan. 22, 12 9:59 PM

Louie, you have that mixed up. More than 60% polled that they like the Obamacare. The exchanges were put into the bill by the Republicans to be able to purchase insurance across the lines. That's why it come under interstate commerce. Interstate commerce is the purview of the Federal government. We're a leader in the medical field and we should be a leader in the correct exchanges.

pinky1933Jan. 22, 1210:18 PM

it's better to ready than not, especially given that the law will probably pass judicial clearance. i'm not totally pleased with the law but it's a good start and certainly worth trying. i really like the mobility benefits - i.e. not having to stay with a job for its health insurance. "premium support" proposals are a joke, as are the other GOP suggestions. they only seem to reward the young, healthy and rich. as for the polls, depends on which one and the questions asked.

wingophersJan. 22, 1210:56 PM

Good for Human Services Commissioner Cindy Jesson for wanting to strengthen her departments ability to go after those committing fraud on the various state paid health care programs. Even Republicans should want to root out fraud to protect taxpayers. I can only hope at least that part of a healthcare bill or exchange gets done this legislative session.

rshacklefordJan. 23, 12 1:57 AM

Nobody was really in the mood to talk about the real issues last year," said Rep. Jim Abeler, R-Anoka, who heads the House Health and Human Services Finance Committee. ---- Say what?! Please feel to return your taxpayer paid salary for last year's 'not in the mood to talk' work ethic. Idiot.

ammunraJan. 23, 12 2:55 AM

If last year is any indication, this year is likely to be a legislative waste as well. Either way, they'd better hurry. 2014 will be here a lot faster than people realize.

twinsajsfJan. 23, 12 6:28 AM

"Republicans don't necessarily oppose the idea of an insurance exchange -- first proposed a decade ago by conservative-leaning think tanks in Washington, along with the notion of requiring universal health insurance coverage. What they oppose is Obama, and election-year politicking has Republicans speaking against any administration initiative." This is all we really need to know about the current GOP, both in Minnesota and nationally. What's best for the state/country is secondary to what's best for the Party. Obstruct, Delay, Defund anything and everything so that Obama gets credit for accomplishing nothing, then move forward with all of these things once WE are back in the White House. Of course, we have only ourselves to blame for this after the 2010 elections. As George Bernard Shaw wisely said, "Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve."

privateeyeJan. 23, 12 7:39 AM

Minnesota no longer a leader? With this crew in charge I am getting to use to hearing that.


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