Mondale says time running out for Vikings stadium deal

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 21, 2012 - 11:51 AM

Legislature convenes soon, but there's no decision on one proposal.

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wearebrokeJan. 20, 1210:01 PM

enough of this, time to say good-bye to the vikes and have fun in LA. we don't have the money to spend on you! either pay 100% of the stadium cost or GO!

drudgemonkeyJan. 20, 1210:02 PM

Two Vikings ownership groups have brought this up as priority. Net is, no local ownership, Vikings go bye-bye (not public ownership--I mean a local majority owner). These current proposals to benefit out-of-state owner Wilf are going NOWHERE fast. Can't see it getting done without a local owner in the lead.Sell it to local interests,Zygi! Sid will buy them!

sdtixownerJan. 20, 1210:12 PM

I live in South Dakota and own 4 season ticket for good seats (first purchased in 1964), so I'm one of the large percentage of Viking's season ticket holder holders who live outside of the MSP region and outside Minnesota. I come to at least one game a year, and nearly all of the other 9 tickets per season are used by four people from outside Minnesota. The trip (whether it is me or someone else) involves a minimum of two nights in a downtown hotel, restaraunts, clubs, shopping and other expenditures in MSP that wouldn't occur without the Vikings. I don't live in MSP or Minnesota and thus admittedly won't have to pay any possible increased taxes (other than taxes on tickets or general sales taxes). With those disclaimers in mind, it seems to me the fact that ticket purchasers like me provide a huge ecomonic benefit to the MSP area and Minnesota as a whole, contrasted with virtually no burden (i.e., no demand on the schools, a tiny burden on the roads, virtually no burden on the police, fire departments, public health facilities, etc.) is being ignored by those who oppose a new stadium. I respectfully assert that this attitude is extremely short-sighted and does not well-serve the long-term interests of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area or Minnesota as a whole.

sadhomerJan. 20, 1210:14 PM

I will be glad when the "time" is finally up for the viking's 51% majority owner Zyggi Wilf and his "pipe dream" of having the Minesota taxpayers pay 80% for his $1.1 billion dollar stadium that only he will be able to profit from!!! It is time to send this New Jersey resident, billionaire (on paper), extortionist, and corporate welfare king packing once and for all!!!

iliketobikeJan. 20, 1211:35 PM

Boy, is anyone else getting sick of this endless stadium drumbeat? Please, make it stop. I guess I don't care where they build it, just so it isn't funded with even one penny of public funding.

northhillJan. 20, 1211:40 PM

Where will the Vikings play in 2012? The Metrodome;not if there is no stadium deal.We still won't believe that the Vikings will leave Minnesota.Time is running out.South Dakota fan;Kansas City is as easy a drive from Sioux Falls as Minneapolis is!

kidjpenJan. 20, 1211:50 PM

to wearebroke... too bad!! get a job!! An idea is at the new stadium. they did it right in st paul.

foofighter15Jan. 21, 1212:09 AM

From the article: "...time may have become the project's "biggest enemy" in trying to draw up a final proposal, he [Ted Mondale] said." --- No Ted, the project's "biggest enemy" isn't time. It's greed. Zygi's greed.

wildfoxJan. 21, 1212:42 AM

Dang !!! I am soooooo sick of hearing about this! We built stadiums for every other team just get this deal done! It will happen anyway!

gener7Jan. 21, 1212:59 AM

sdtixowner-if the Vikes had 60,000 season ticket holders like you, the people of MN MIGHT come out okay on the deal, but far too many ticket holders live locally, so that $550 million or so the Queens don't pick up will cost us about $2 million per game over the next 30 years. So, I'd say how about you and every other ticket buyer pay a $30 tax per ticket and that ought to just about cover the public's "share". The State Legislature will no way bite this apple in an election year. But wait until next January and see what happens to our public opinion.


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