Perry drops from GOP presidential race, endorses Gingrich, heads back to Texas

  • Article by: CHRIS TOMLINSON , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 19, 2012 - 3:42 PM

AUSTIN, Texas - Gov. Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race on Thursday, endorsed his old friend Newt Gingrich and returned home to Texas, where the failed White House candidate has three years left to serve as the chief executive.

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swmnguyJan. 19, 12 8:50 AM

Now the plot thickens. It's Romney vs. "anybody but Romney." That Perry, the surviving darling of the hardcore Protestant Right, would back Romney is a monument to cynicism.

swmnguyJan. 19, 12 8:51 AM

oops-meant "Gingrich." A Freudian slip. One opportunist is as good as another.

tqbradyJan. 19, 12 8:51 AM

In return for Perry's endorsement, Gingrich announced that his first act as President will be to appoint Perry to head the Department of Energy...and his second act as President will be to abolish the Department of Energy.

cindystratt1Jan. 19, 12 8:55 AM

The republicans just can't get it together.

mohawk1953Jan. 19, 12 9:11 AM

And, then there were four...

meechemillJan. 19, 12 9:17 AM

Good - I'm so glad he is smart enough to endorse Newt - Newt is brilliant and will make a much better presidient than Romney - - I hope everyone realizes this before Romney gets the ticket. Gingrich will pull America back from the depth that Obama and his Administration dragged it down to.

vahntitrioJan. 19, 12 9:18 AM

Let's congratulate Rick Perry on his one campaign accomplishment this year: most disliked Youtube video of all time (his "Strong" commercial). It currently stands at 25,734 likes, 747,262 dislikes.

jmgoldJan. 19, 12 9:18 AM

So the person spoke anonymously to avoid pr-empting the announcement...hmmm...I think the person in fact did pre-empt, anonymously or not. Gotta love politics!

pamelap12Jan. 19, 12 9:31 AM

I am glad Gov Perry is dropping out, and I do not care who he endorses because it makes no difference. Mitt is the nominee and for any of these candidates to go beyond SC primary would be just deluding themselves. Newt will NEVER be president. I have not forgotten his "Contract on America" laws he tried to get passed when he was Speaker with then House Whip Boehner licking his boots and there is no way America is going to tolerate "Round two" of that. In fact, this is why I suspect now Speaker Boehner to be dragging his heels on passing anything in the hope Newt will become president. Good old boy politics at their finest!

johnnycgoodJan. 19, 12 9:39 AM

cindystratt1: "The republicans just can't get it together." ------- What a moronic statement. It’s called “vetting” and I’m glad it’s being done now instead of just electing somebody with no experience and hoping for the best. At this same timeframe of the 2008 election, the 3 remaining DFL candidates were Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. It’s how the process works.


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