Dayton and Vikings warm to Linden Av. stadium site

  • Updated: January 19, 2012 - 10:44 AM

Of three proposals, the governor said one near the Basilica of St. Mary looks most workable.

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tani12Jan. 18, 1210:30 PM

So, the Metrodome hasn't spurred any significant economic development where it's been for the last 30 years. Let's spend $1 billion and move all that non-growth somewhere else. Right. Let's move the black hole of development. Has it occurred to the governor (and all of the other fools who want build this) that the problem isn't the location. Maybe it just doesn't pay to build a stadium. Idiots.

DanielsonJan. 18, 1210:35 PM

Maybe we could get Tebow if we were across from the Basiica?

twincitizen1Jan. 18, 1210:53 PM

I have to applaud Gov. Dayton for making the right decision on the site selection. I was a fan of Linden Avenue the moment it was announced as a candidate. The proximity to Target Field, ABC parking ramps, future Southwest LRT, commuter rail and regional transportation hub are all huge pluses. Dayton's comments that the Metrodome never generated any economic development around it are very astute and I don't think anything would change with a new stadium on the dome site. Putting the stadium in the Linden site will put it closer to existing downtown bars, hotels, and entertainment options. The nearby Farmers' Market area, while not good for a stadium due to numerous property owners and elevation issues will likely generate some redevelopment with the future Royalston LRT Station on site. The best part of this will be the removal of the monolithic Metrodome from Downtown East, opening up that end of downtown to redevelopment as offices, residential, park, etc. Downtown East and the adjacent Elliot Park neighborhoods won't be split by the giant dome and surface lots. As gas prices continue to increase (and we all know they will) more and more people and businesses will choose to locate in the core, making downtown redevelopment and revitalization inevitable. Linden Avenue is the right choice, and it's high time Mayor Rybak and Council President Lisa Goodman come around. Now there's the whole issue of funding the thing...

tmack24Jan. 18, 1211:05 PM

Beggers can't be choosers, unless the Vikings want to pay for the stadium themselves they should just shut up and take what they can get.

northstars91Jan. 18, 1211:07 PM

Great decision by the Governor... The Linden Area could work out really well... The Metrodome area never panned out, moving it to the other side of Minneapolis near Target Field and Target Center makes a lot of sense. I'm all for it, but the NFL needs to allow Viking fans to be shareholders like the Green Bay Packers otherwise we will be hostages again 30 years from now.

RossbergJan. 18, 1211:40 PM

Arden Hills was dead anyway so little has really changed. There's still the issue of the charter limitation on stadium funding, the opposition by the city council, and Mayor Rybak's intent to skim $150 million off the top to repair the Target Center. There's also the real question of whether electronic pulltabs will generate another $60 million a year in income. These are not "sit in a bar and work it out" kinds of problems. As we learned during the hearings last year, the more this is discussed the more questions arise. In the end about all the Vikings should reasonably expect is for the stadium issue not to be dropped and the possibility something may actually happen in 2013.

hobie2Jan. 18, 1211:45 PM

Of the nine plans, that is the dumbest. What? The government criterion for building public projects is to take the one with as much economic and historic real estate as possible and remove it? Of the four reasonable sites, this is THE one with the most neighborhood impact- hi-tech jobs gone, historic landmark enhanced by next door Jersey-tack-bling, and the Sunday spiritual experience of 9 am tailgating by people waiting to swill beer and watch Gladiators... Oh yeah.. This is the one with THE most business interruption. This is the one that POs the most people... The big-buck houses above the Guthrie will love to be able to look at the flashing beer signs off their back deck... to hear the play by play from the stadium... to see Zygidale every day and night. I know if I paid a couple million bucks for a house with a view, I would want that view to have a toilet bowl and a spaghetti-strip mall in the view... Get the tacky out of that area. People will oppose this one even if Zygi paid for it all himself.

elmore1Jan. 18, 1211:56 PM

This doesn't make any sense. To try and squeeze this next to a beautiful building like the Basilica with the Sunday conflicts is not right. Ray Rybak and the Mpls group obviously have no appreciation for the beautiful architecture. If they can't make the Dome work it should go to to Arden Hills or Shakopee. I am really disappointed in the lack of vision by Ray and Mpls group....

rodey969Jan. 19, 12 1:35 AM

Some people choose to worship at a church, others prefer a football stadium on sunday. This way, you can choose by walking across either side of the street. Sounds like a great idea....

dashackJan. 19, 12 3:20 AM

I'm not going to see another game in a downtown stadium. Why the hell does downtown Minneapolis think they are always entitled to hog the spotlight? I thought we wanted to go back to tailgating? Yet here we are, once again clamoring to build another stupid stadium that's a nightmare to get to and find parking and then worry about getting rolled on the way to the car afterwards. No thanks.


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