Tough night, tough finish for Wild

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 15, 2012 - 12:01 AM

Mikko Koivu might be the biggest casualty from a hard-fought shootout loss to St. Louis.

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floridascottJan. 14, 1211:32 PM

The Wild is a 10th place team WITH Mikko and a 13th place team without him. I dont know about you guys, but I would rather be drafting 5th than 10th.

misternoallJan. 14, 1211:37 PM

Good for Hitchcock to get the win, he has done a remarkable job with the Blues, they always play the same way those blues, over the past 3 years the Wild has been like a box of chocolates..... Why does Staubitz start a fight with reeves for ? anybody, any ideas, Mister Reeves made a nice hit on Peters who is a bit of a tough guy and Staubitz starts a fight. That is the stuff that the NHL needs to cut out of the game

abemntocalJan. 15, 1212:52 AM

Great game by Harding! I also thought the refs did a really good job of calling the boarding calls that could be called. If all the refs would call games like they did last night the NHL could cut down on some of the nasty injuries that occur along the boards.

strib1991Jan. 15, 12 8:07 AM

I just don't know how to feel about this team anymore. They started off the season red hot and I believe the fans confidence in them was at the top of the scale. It just seemed they couldn't be beat. Even when they were down a goal or two you just knew they were going to come back and win that game...and they did! Now? They seem like they really have to play hard and are struggling to get goals. When they're down a few goals, fans feel doubt that they're going to come back - at least I do. They just don't have "it" anymore. I watched Heatley last night and couldn't believe how badly he played, how many times he just seemed to be in a fog, once again he's lost without Kouivu. Setoguchi? A known scorer? Why can't he do that for the Wild? They fought hard for those 2 goals last night and the shootout proved that there isn't a speck of talent other than PMB and Kouivu - who are both so desperately needed for SO's. TG that Harding kept them in that game last night. He was awesome! He came back from a bad game and said "how do you like THAT!" Good for him. Wish the rest of the team had put in the same effort....ALL the guys, not just a few. The Wild has lost their confidence? So have alot of fans.

elmore1Jan. 15, 12 8:13 AM

Good effort. I love the nasty style that St Louis plays.

mgalaforetJan. 15, 12 8:14 AM

If the intent of the Wild is to try to hang on until the prospect pool contributes, keep in mind that could be 3-5 years from now. And not all of them will make it. In the mean time, the team's core get 3-5 years older. That 18,567 2-3 years ago, was 16,000-plus at best, before the team went on the streak. It will head even further south, perhaps at an accelerated pace, unless some drastic imediate commitment to improve the team is made. And attendance will only improve gradually even then. Non-paying and/or infrequent attendees can wait. STH's cannot. Its playoffs now. If Russo paid for his tickets since becoming the beat writer for the Wild, his column no doubt would have a decidedly different tone. Likely more along the lines of mine. Right now will be a great indicator as to what kind of GM Fletch really is.

misternoallJan. 15, 12 8:45 AM

Nobody has done worse than the Oilers and Islanders, they continually get the high draft picks over the past 5 years Meegal. Neither of the two, Leo and his Fletch speak about the team publicly, its current vision and where they are at, not saying anything says everything that you need to know about the intent. The team plays like their management manages, No honesty, you know the effort, doing everything that you can do to win hockey games, its really the only way you can be honest. Poor Meegal and poor team

mgalaforetJan. 15, 12 9:10 AM

By a ticket everygame since the beginning noverylittle, then perhaps you will have validity in this argument. The Wild are a business. All pro sports teams are businesses. No owner likes to lose money, and the Wild's losses are getting worse. Higher salaries, declining attendance. Go to Forbes and see the articles. $3MM operating loss before interest in 2010, double than in 2011. Watching on FoxSportNet just doesn't cut it. To paraphrase Donald Rumfield, you go to war with what you got, not what you need applies here. Didn't work very well in Iraq, a long drawn-out process with no clear outcome, and its not working with the Wild. Detroit Lions of the NHL. You knowverylittle, is satisfied with mediocrity I guess. Go live in NHL meccas like Detroit, Boston and Chicago like I have, you would have a different attitude. Spend money on a game once in a while, you would have a different attitude as well.

hockeyfoxJan. 15, 12 9:15 AM

The Wild were outplayed and badly outshot again. Harding kept us in the game. This team is a trainwreck. So much for Fletcher being named exec of the year or Yeo being named coach of the year. They are no better off than there were last year. Same old Wild. Sure glad we blew a ton of cap space dollars on Backstrom. Sure glad we traded Leddy for nothing.

randdlottJan. 15, 12 9:38 AM

If the Wild plan on competing with the Blues next year, they better start thinking about how we match up physically with them, which is definitely to their advantage. Not much pure talent on their team but by the third period, you could tell we were wore down and tired trying to body them off the puck. Hitchcock has them playing tough, physical hockey and Halak has to be one of the top 10 goalies in the league with only 94 goals allowed. Awesome game by Falk. He finally has come out of his shell.


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