King's dream not realized in Minnesota

  • Updated: January 15, 2012 - 9:37 PM

As the country marks the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Minnesotans need to be reminded that racial disparities are growing wider here.

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righteeeoooJan. 15, 12 8:01 PM

How to resolve.... People who have grown to be very dependent on entitlements???? People who have developed a culture that raises children to not respect education or authority, thereby making them unfit for many jobs????

wildfoxJan. 15, 12 8:13 PM

"I know that Minnesota's racial disparities in employment, income, housing and education are among the worst in the nation." .... Obviously you haven't traveled around the country much. Minnesota is way ahead in regards to these issues. Take a trip to IN, VA, MS or many other states and you will see how well off we are. The notion that MN is the worst in the nation is absolutely incorrect.

gvvoiceJan. 15, 12 9:31 PM

What are the "complex and deep seated disparities" of which she speaks? I guess they have been around a long time but I am not familiar. In all seriousness please let me know. Thanks.

scttolnJan. 15, 12 9:37 PM

It is much deeper, Raceism runs deep in this state. If you ask a white Minnesotan if they like black people they will say yes, I'm not raceist...if you ask them if they have any black friends they will say no. If you ask a person in Mississippi if they like black people they will say no...but if you ask them if they have any black friends, their answer will be yes (although they will probably say ...but they are different from other black people.) And to be blunt, this is among the educated in this state. Unfortunatly among the less educated, the "N" word flows freely.

devin21Jan. 15, 1211:36 PM

I find the majority of the comments on this message board to reek of racism. Many people are stereotyping an entire race and your thinly veiled, "They," doesn't cover up the bigotry. I would recommend someone go volunteer at Resource and find out how hard some people are trying to find a job. Maybe you will learn something from the "they" you speak of...

march12Jan. 16, 1212:24 AM

The usual suspects came out again. They love to say that racism doesn't exist, as if after 1970 racism just all of a sudden stopped. It was still rampant through the 70's, 80's to today. You all think that white people just started hiring Black people for jobs back then, the parents of the kids today. NO! Qualified Black people weren't promoted in their jobs or unjustly fired. Do you guys really believe that this country went from black and white water fountains, Blacks not being able to eat at a white restaurant, Blacks not being welcomed in white schools, getting hosed and beat for peacefully marching to a real merit based society for black. Get the ___ out of here. Also a little research will inform you that through the Iran Contra Affair the government, through the CIA, funneled massive shipments of cocaine to US inner cities. Yes it IS complex. You got racial profiling, police brutality, the good ole boy network where whites in control discriminate to stay exclusive, systematic racism. I could really go on and on about all the racism. Black people see racism every single day, a lot of it is covert and subtle. Even the way they present the news, radio and TV programs. Again, it IS complex. Like the person that posted previously, you guys don't have any Black friends or grew up with Black people. Everything you know about Black people you get from a seriously skewed media, a startling majority of which is negative. Ms. Atterberry is right so take note or wallow in your cesspool of ignorance and hate.

abovethelies2Jan. 16, 1212:38 AM

After reading most of these comments about article especially the illogical reasoning about entitlements and taxes to "help minorities". Really people STOP the "we" do everything right in Minnesota and can't be wrong. It's OK to not be perfect. It's OK to have to need improvement. I'm a LIFE LONG resident of MN and I have traveled throughout the country. Yes, we do a lot of things correct here BUT WE AREN'T PERFECT. It's really not hard to believe that we have a large disparity in employment in MN when the overall population is compared. We happened to live in a state which compared to other states doesn't have a very diverse population; especially outside the Twin Cities. The problem is very simple: people hire people that they are most comfortable with or most closely resemble their own values. Until MN becomes more diverse or acceptance of diversity these statistical difference will continue to grow wider. Its not about entitlements or handouts or lucrative welfare programs....The majority of these responses aren't what I would call "Minnesota nice". Rather its more like denial that there may be a problem even in our perfect state..

aspartzJan. 16, 1212:43 AM

"I would recommend someone go volunteer at Resource and find out how hard some people are trying to find a job. " ----- You make it sound like everybody else has it easy. Try talking to an unemployed person who does not fit any of the EEOC check boxes. We have one foot in a hole when we apply for what few jobs there are. Until the government becomes "color blind" they are perpetuating racism.

gopherfan93Jan. 16, 12 4:06 AM

"If 500 guys shoplift, 250 black and 250 white, but 125 blacks end up in jail but only 25 whites, is that logically proof of discrimination in the justice system? Bill G." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nobody goes to jail for shoplifting .... and I mean nobody.

BigPeteJan. 16, 12 7:22 AM

Rev King Jr asked us all to judge people “by the content of their character; not the color of their skin”. There is a lot of anti-Caucasian feeling in this state.


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